Which Safe For Weapons Is Better To Choose

Which Safe For Weapons Is Better To Choose?

Features of choosing a safe for weapons, some nuances, practical advice, common misconceptions, and law requirements to keep weapons in a safe.

Almost every hunter has a hunting rifle, which requires not only special care but also proper storage. Many do not fully understand the responsibility of gun ownership, so they get into unpleasant situations for themselves.

In addition, there are many different discussions and disputes about the choice of a safe for weapons and the requirements for its existing legislation. Some argue that the safe should be screwed against the wall. Others categorically deny this position.

What is true, and which safe is better to choose so that the storage of weapons was comfortable for the owner and comply with the law? Let’s take a closer look at this issue.


Tips for choosing a safe for weapons

Tips for choosing a safe for weapons

Do not try to save on smaller size safe. If you only have one gun, you do not need to buy a narrow safe. As a rule, you will want to buy another one or two weapons that will not fit in in a couple of years.

It is recommended to order such a safe, which will place in itself from 3 to 5 weapons. Think at once that you will need a place to store weapons with the prospect of further replenishment of the arsenal.

Thus, you will need to buy only once and for life, and not buy in a few years. Immediately, the savings are not visible, but in the future, you will realize that it is better to slightly increase the cost on a more spacious version than to spend several times more on a new safe.

The height of the storage facility for weapons should be such that the weapons could be free there in an uncovered state. Now popular semi-automatic guns, which almost always store so.

Do not assume that you will own only double-barrels, which are easy to understand and, in this case, generally take up little space in height. Human desires are constantly changing. It’s not a fact that you don’t want to buy any other weapon.

Pay special attention to various shelves in the safe, a separate place for storing ammunition, and various auxiliary devices for ammunition. This will only give comfort while using.

The thickness of the metal walls in the safe may be different, but do not chase large indicators. The area of 1.0-2.0 mm will suffice, although there are adherents of 3 mm walls.

Where better to buy a safe? In gun shops, there are always several options to choose from, but their price will be 30% higher than in specialty stores selling safes or on the manufacturer’s website.

You can find a welder and order from him a suitable version of the safe. As a rule, this method turns out to be the cheapest of all. The choice is yours.

As for the requirements of the law, it gives clear wording about it. Weapons must be stored in conditions that ensure their safety and security and completely exclude access from others.

It is desirable to attach a gun safe to the wall, but it is not the duty of the gun owner. A reliable mount will eliminate the possibility of it falling to the floor with all the consequences.