What kind of bandolier is needed for hunting

What Kind Of Bandolier Is Needed For Hunting

Patrons are designed to carry ammunition on the hunt, quickly and conveniently loaded weapons, and the safety of working qualities of ammunition. At the same time, you can do without this object of equipment hunter. You can carry ammunition in a backpack or in pockets. But at the same time, you need to forget about the speed of reloading weapons. On cartridges from a pocket or a backpack can be the smallest grains of sand, which are absolutely not needed in the weapon’s chamber.


Varieties of bandolier

For the modern hunter is available a huge number of all sorts of bandoliers, varying by:

  • Access to cartridges, open and closed (with valves covering the patrons from rain and snow and keeping from falling out)
  • Attachment designs: belt, strap-on, shoulder strap systems, vests, with attachment to the butt.
  • Carrier type: on the belt, on the chest, on the shoulder, on the butt, on the hunter’s hand.
  • Placing cartridges in one or two rows.
  • Type of materials: leather, synthetic materials (Cordura, oxford, etc.), dense fabrics, combined (skin and synthetics, other combinations.)
  • Type of cartridges (for smooth-bore shotguns, rifled and combined).


What kind of bandolier do you need?


Basically, it is a matter of the taste and features of the hunter. Also for different types of hunting are preferable to these or other types of the bandolier.

The most universal is considered to be belted single-row closed cartridges. Fully equipped (three sections of 8 rounds). It is suitable for running hunting, woodcock hunting, and duck hunting. In one section, you can place cartridges with a small shot on the bird, in the second with a large on the beast, in the third cart, and bullets on the boar, or in any other combinations. For example, if there are no longer exits, it is enough to take one or two sections on woodcock thrust. On the duck hunt, you can score all three sections with bullets with a small shot. It’s comfortable; it doesn’t interfere with shooting. You can hang a hunting knife on the belt. The downside is, it takes time to open the valves when the gun is loaded.

Practical bandolier of the belt one-row open or it is also called “Bursky.” It can hold 24 to 30 rounds, is convenient, cheap. The downside is, there are no protected cartridges. With paper casings in wet weather can be soaked. Bullets may fall out.

For long hunts, it is better to fit a vest-patron. You can wear much more ammunition, necessary on the hunt items (knife, compass, edible supplies, other trifles), and additional protection from the cold. The downside is, more expensive.

Very popular recently has become a cartridge on the butt. It provides the fastest reloading of weapons—lack of a small number of stored cartridges, mostly 6 pieces.