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My name is Daniel Carter and I am a professional hunter. I have hunted in many different countries and continents such as Africa, Australia, Europe and North America. I hunt for sport and trophy animals that are considered to be pests by the public. My favorite type of hunting is stalking because it takes patience and discipline to get close enough to the animal without scaring it away.

I have hunted all over the world and know how to handle any situation. You will always be safe in my hands, no matter what you need.

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Fishing On The River

Fishing On The River | let’s talk about river fish and fishing methods

I see that to illuminate all the nuances associated with fishing on rivers. A single article will not be enough. To devote a whole treatise …

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Public Statement on the Recently Filed Sunday Hunting Lawsuit

Public Statement on the Recently Filed Sunday Hunting Lawsuit By Hunters United for Sunday Hunting July 18, 2013 Harrisburg, PA Today, Hunters United for Sunday …

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About HUSH

Hunters United for Sunday Hunting (HUSH) is a registered non-profit charitable organization founded and funded by hunters in order to challenge the legality of the …

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