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My name is Daniel Carter and I am a professional hunter. I have hunted in many different countries and continents such as Africa, Australia, Europe and North America. I hunt for sport and trophy animals that are considered to be pests by the public. My favorite type of hunting is stalking because it takes patience and discipline to get close enough to the animal without scaring it away.

I have hunted all over the world and know how to handle any situation. You will always be safe in my hands, no matter what you need.

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Catching Perch in June

Catching Perch in June | What and what to catch.

Catching perch in the summer. Perch does not grow to huge sizes, like a som or carp, but catching it is still interesting. He is …

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Roe Hunting

Roe Hunting | Terms, Rules And Ways Of Hunting

Legends of slanting elegant deer with a statuesic neck, small antlers, and red hair were formed long before creating the world. The slanting animals of …

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Boar Hunting

Boar Hunting | Terms, Rules And Ways Of Hunting

Hunters are looking forward to the opening of the season to take up their favorite hobby. Boar hunting is how exciting and exciting it is …

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Catching Carp

Catching Carp | Ways, Features, Nozzles, Tips

Karas does not like open areas of the reservoir. The punishment has many natural enemies, but even in the conditions when the pond is not …

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Bear Hunting

Bear Hunting |Terms, Rules And Ways of Hunting

Bear hunting is the most dangerous and most prestigious hunt in our country, which always leaves many bright impressions. Bear is the most attractive and …

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Which Safe For Weapons Is Better To Choose

Which Safe For Weapons Is Better To Choose?

Features of choosing a safe for weapons, some nuances, practical advice, common misconceptions, and law requirements to keep weapons in a safe. Almost every hunter …

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How to Properly Clean and Grease A 12 Caliber Shotgun

How to Properly Clean and Grease A 12 Caliber Shotgun

Any firearm needs proper care. Everyone knows this, but not many have the idea of how to clean your gun properly, what tools and lubricants …

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Best Hunting Rifles

Ranking Of The Best Hunting Rifles For 2021

The choice of modern hunting weapons is multifaceted: it will find a lover of archaic classics, preferring chicken “fractures,” and a fan of militarist-style, able …

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Moose Hunting

Moose Hunting | Terms, Rules And Ways To Hunt

The largest inhabitant of our forest can rightly be called elk. Despite his nobility, this beast is considered quite dangerous. In moose hunting, the hunter …

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