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My name is Daniel Carter and I am a professional hunter. I have hunted in many different countries and continents such as Africa, Australia, Europe and North America. I hunt for sport and trophy animals that are considered to be pests by the public. My favorite type of hunting is stalking because it takes patience and discipline to get close enough to the animal without scaring it away.

I have hunted all over the world and know how to handle any situation. You will always be safe in my hands, no matter what you need.

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5 Best Ultralight Spinning Reel 2021

After interviewing our experts, we have compiled a selection of the best reels of 2021. It includes budget models, as well as coils of the …

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What kind of bandolier is needed for hunting

What Kind Of Bandolier Is Needed For Hunting

Patrons are designed to carry ammunition on the hunt, quickly and conveniently loaded weapons, and the safety of working qualities of ammunition. At the same …

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Badger Hunting

Badger Hunting | Terms, Rules and Ways of Hunting 

Badger fat is one of the most valuable medicines. Therefore, badger hunting is a mixture of thrills and evaluation of all skills of the fisherman …

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How to Hunt Groundhogs

How to Hunt Groundhogs | Terms, Rules and Ways of Hunting

Groundhog hunting is a fascinating activity of wild game mining, popular in the communities of hunters for their simplicity and the resulting few kilograms of …

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Hunting Tips For Hares, Rabbits

Hunting Tips For Hares, Rabbits | Species, Rules and Ways to Hunt

Hunting in American, in the world, is an ancient craft. Man has been hunting for a long time. Gradually, evolution brought predatory craft into art, …

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How to Hunt Geese

How to Hunt Geese | Terms, Rules And Ways of Hunting

Characters of American folk tales are rarely wild geese. In fiction, smart, cunning individuals, in the end, achieve the victory of good and again become …

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How to Hunt Ducks and Geese

How to Hunt Ducks | Terms, Rules And Ways of Hunting

Hunting for ducks all over gives the catcher a huge amount of positive emotions. At the end of the process, he expects the delicious meat …

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How to Choose the Right Shotgun

How to Choose the Right Shotgun For Hunting

When the future hunter first gets permission to buy weapons, he usually immediately rushes to the nearest gun store to buy them as soon as …

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How to Catch a Roach

How To Catch A Roach | Float Fishing For Roach

Let’s reveal some of the secrets of summer-catching roaches on a float rod. For a true lover of fishing is not fundamental what trophies to …

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