Moose Hunting

Moose Hunting | Terms, Rules And Ways To Hunt

The largest inhabitant of our forest can rightly be called elk. Despite his nobility, this beast is considered quite dangerous. In moose hunting, the hunter can satisfy his excitement and get precious trophies (horns, meat).


  1. Elk hunting season
  2. Basic rules
  3. Responsibility for violations
  4. Hunting tips
  5. Vulnerabilities

It is still believed that the extraction of elk is a lucky hand, as it requires a high degree of professionalism. The experience of moose hunting is passed down through generations. Today it is replenished with technical capabilities, so hunting more often ends with a trophy.

The rules of moose hunting are designed to ensure that there is no widespread extermination of the animal. The task of the supervisory authorities is to regulate the population, so some rules related to hunting are enshrined in law. Several rules are of a territorial nature and cannot be imposed throughout the Russian Federation. In this regard, the regional executive authorities are developing internal regulations governing hunting activities.

On the other hand, hunting rules imply a set of unspoken rules, which are more advice than

laws. These rules have been developed over the years and were passed on to us by our older comrades.


Elk hunting season

Elk hunting season

The beginning of the legal hunting of elk falls in the first decade of September. In the future, the whole season is divided into several parts. This is because hunting can go in several ways. Depending on these methods and highlight different periods. All September, it is possible to hunt overgrown males. From October 1, hunting for all representatives of hoofed. The second period lasts until December 31. Please note that the first period, compared to the second, passes quite quickly.

All September, it is possible to hunt overgrown males. From October 1, hunting for all representatives of hoofed. The second period lasts until December 31. Please note that the first period, compared to the second, passes quickly enough

This is explained by the transience of the moose’s mating period. The second period really fell in love with our hunters. Here you can use the paddock method, and it is always a friendly team, distribution of responsibilities, guarantee of the trophy, and real excitement. All specified hunting dates and the length of the season may be changed by regional regulations, as previously indicated.


Basic rules

There are rules of paddock hunting for elk, including several items. These rules are considered invariant, as they are defined in the legislation of the Russian Federation.

  • During the hunt, the citizen is obliged to carry, and at the request of the supervisory authorities to present a hunting ticket, license, and voucher issued by the hunting farm, which is a kind of permission to shoot elk in the area.
  • You can choose a caliber for a hunting rifle. There is no limit. But only a bullet is allowed to shoot, as the use of fractions is unacceptable. Such provisions are often found in hunting rules. They are aimed, first of all, at humanity, no matter how paradoxical it may seem. If the hunter got into the beast, he should kill him with a high degree of probability. Otherwise, the wounded animal will suffer and die a painful death.
  • It is forbidden to use vehicles when driving. The ban applies to both winter and summer modes of transport. If previously it was possible to pursue a shaggy on an all-terrain vehicle, which increased the hunter’s excitement, now it is unacceptable.
  • Another ban limits the capacity of the semi-automatic weapons store. An excerpt from the hunting rules states that this ban applies only to collective hunting. The hunter’s store should not have more than five rounds of ammunition.
  • It’s time to catch up and get it. This is given a certain time. Preliminarily, a note is made on the ticket that there was an injury. Within 24 hours, the hunter must make a pre-collection. If it is necessary to leave the limits of hunting or enter the territory of other lands, then such violation of the limits of hunting is allowed; only the management of the neighboring farm should be informed.
  • If in some regions or municipalities, and sometimes even in the territories of individual hunting farms, there are internal rules that do not contradict the basic rules of hunting but make some adjustments, the hunter should obey these rules, aware of the full share of responsibility for their violation.


Responsibility for violations

Those who have committed acts contrary to the basic provisions of hunting rules and regional rules are poachers. The degree of punishment depends on the damage the poacher has done to wildlife. It ranges from a fine of several thousand rubles and the seizure of a hunting ticket to criminal liability. The Criminal Code has developed an article that defines the punishment for illegal hunting. Thus, any act of poacher will be considered by the CoAP or by the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.


Hunting tips

If we have dealt with the legal component, we will not forget that there are also rules of hunting, which are useful tips. However, they must be adhered to by the hunter to ensure the trophy and a safe pastime.

  • Hunting is convenient only under certain natural conditions. The moose has a well-developed hearing and sense of smell. The most optimal weather for moose hunting is rain and wind. But if there is wind, you need to approach the son hath not to smell your smell. When frosts occur, hunting becomes even easier. In the cold, the branches crack so that the moose can confuse the hunter’s steps with this crackle and allow him to let closer to him.
  • Concentrate on hunting. You will not give rain and cold. But if you pick up the appropriate clothes, you can spend hours tracking the prey without being distracted by different surprises, which sometimes throws nature. At the same time, the selected ammunition and fragments of clothing should not create unnecessary noise when walking. Silence should be observed in any hunting period, as elk can behave aggressively.
  • Hunting begins with the choice of target. Then it is necessary to organize its persecution. Even in the most permitted period, it is better to prefer males, as the moose is potentially considered a carrier of offspring. Its shooting can negatively affect the number of livestock. Finding a family, it is advisable to target the choice of the oldest representative. A trivial way to determine the moose’s age is to determine the number of growths on the horns of the shaggy.
  • The advantage of elk hunting is that the hoof leaves clear marks on the snow and the ground. The footprints can determine the sex and age of the animal. The greater the distance between the feet, the more adult animal you pursue, and the moose leave oblong traces, unlike the male.


It is important with a single shot to kill the moose, especially the male. The reason is that during the rut, they experience an adrenaline rush. The gunman can run far from the place of the shot but can also attack the hunter himself. There are several killer zones for the defeat of the animal. If you are unsure of your own accuracy, hunting should choose a weapon of a larger caliber.

One of the vulnerabilities is located under the shoulder

blade. The animal’s death will come quickly enough, even if you do not get into the heart. Option for the purpose is the neck of the shaggy, but to get into it will be problematic. If you manage to get closer to the moose, the win-win option will defeat the spinal cord and brain. But it is important to remember that to break the bone will require a powerful enough weapon. Wounded in a light animal will fall quickly, and it will be easy to get.

During moose hunting, you should be aware that the ecological component of nature depends on your actions. In any case, do not ignore the rules of hunting. It’s not even about the high fine that awaits you. The poacher’s actions can cause significant damage to nature, the restoration of which can take years.