Hunting Tips For Hares, Rabbits

Hunting Tips For Hares, Rabbits | Species, Rules and Ways to Hunt

Hunting in American, in the world, is an ancient craft. Man has been hunting for a long time. Gradually, evolution brought predatory craft into art, divided by species and classes, wrapped in florid technique. The easiest, and therefore the popular phenomenon of persecution of game on American soil was the hunt for a hare.

Hare hunting is considered common only for amateurs of such craft. The newcomer always compares with a trip to the bear, elk, and hare fishing – the latter looks like an easy walk and pleasure. That’s when he falls into the trap of his inexperience. An experienced hunter knows the truth – each game carries its secrets. It’s not that simple with hares.


Species of hares and habitat

American is a territory of plains, hills, and forests. All landscapes across the country are home to the mammal of the hare genus. The division of hares in American goes to two under the genus: squirrels and rumaki.

Hare Belyak

Hare Belyak

Animals of the subclass settle inside wooded, overgrown areas. The population is widespread in the Far East of the country. He loves ravines, sagging, juicy overgrown landscapes.

The name of the squirrel is associated with its natural ability in winter to change wool color. His fur turns snow white this time.

Any hare is a herbivorous mammal. He likes to feed on branches, the bark of deciduous trees, juicy shrubs. The main time of fat (feeding) – dawn or deep evening. Then the eared animals are sent to the fat; eat branches of fruit or other deciduous trees, and return to the shelter, to the permanent place of lying. But coming back, the footprints are confused – a natural protection against any predator.

The bed is usually among coniferous slings. In winter, especially in Siberia, hares – squirrels can dig burrows in drifts up to 100 -150 cm deep, escaping from the frost. They can live in the same way among snow-covered fallen trees, living with the emptiness of trunks with dried bark.


Hare Rusak

This individual is slightly larger than a squirrel. The coloration of wool does not change during the year. Its color is silvery-gray, with yellow tans on the sides. The field hare settles on the expanses of an open landscape without large vegetation. To the forest more often can approach, but further its meadows do not go. Animals travel through the meadows, do not hesitate to run through the gardens or batch am. In winter, the hare-Russak tries to get closer to human homes takes refuge from the cold.

The fat of meadow animals is similar to the nutrition of the first type of eared animal. Its main activity in the evening or night hours. Days of hare in the bed. It is possible to the daily activity of individuals during their mating period.

The bed depends on the time of year, even on the weather. Factors affect the landscape location and temperature.

In summer, they are arranged in small pits, covered with branches of field bushes. It is easy to find them in abandoned burrows of foxes, badgers. When it is hot mammal tries to find shady, completely hidden from the sun’s rays of lying.

In spring, they like warmed places on hills. In winter, on the contrary, burrows into burrows in snow up to two meters.

In rainy weather, Russ hares should be found on the hills, where it is dry and warm, on a dry, hot day – on the contrary in the lowlands.


Feature of the behavior of hares

Feature of the behavior of hares

There is an opinion that the squirrel, because of its color change of skins on winter hunting, is difficult to detect. It is said that the second hare type is easier to catch in winter. This doesn’t seem right. Both species dig deep burrows in winter. Both are well hidden from the hunter and the animal predator.

The hare animal is skittish but cunning, dodgy by nature. For so long, mammals have learned to save the life from any predator. This factor for the hunter becomes the determining factor in the fishing of such a game.

Beginners on the hunt often consider otherwise, for which they pay in the end – a hare of any kind without accuracy, without careful movements, the catcher’s actions can not catch.

Old hunters know – the animal carefully loops, repeatedly confuses its traces. Hides in different areas in summer and winter. Learned how a hare sits in the wind with his muzzle. How to approach it.

The experience gives a positive effect of fishing, at least rusks, at least Polyakov. Based on all this, the man manages to catch the furry beast by surprise and hit the prey with an accurate shot. Bad or inexperienced shooters walk on the hare for nothing.

Experienced walkers do not consider unnecessary careful and careful actions during the period of hunting hares. The slightest mistake of the catcher and the cunning animal will break off the inhabited bed and hide in the woods or shrubs in the moment of the eye.


What equipment to use?

Equipment for any hunting is one of the main points of the whole case. Game, its size – it’s secondary. If the hunter takes a firearm to hunt – you need to take training courses and learn safety.

Training sessions should be held intensively for beginners. In the first campaigns, summer, winter, if the terrain has a difficult terrain, woodiness, amateur hunters should not go alone on a hike. Nearby it would help if you had an experienced mentor, like air.

Firearms are a must for catching hares. The caliber doesn’t play a big role. Hare that Russak, that squirrel – animals are not large, increased firepower is not needed. On the contrary, a powerful caliber can even harm the catcher at the time of an important shot. Or after it, will leave from the game only stubble.

Arrows recommend training accuracy, reaction. Honing personal skills will bring a successful capture of the beast.

It is necessary to memorize the security measures when handling firearms. This is important when hunting a hare – a squirrel in the winter forest. Even if the hike is collective, the trees can serve as a natural hindrance. The speed of the hare running away. Add careless behavior of the young hunter, his little experience. It’s a potential accident. Therefore, first – careful preparation, training, and after – a real catch.

Experienced shooters advise using cartridges from 12 calibers. Ammunition is an imported system of “magnum” or analogs. Optical sights for beginners will not be as big a result. A noticeable reduce the financial stock of the new hunter’s wallet will be able to

But the main thing here is not a weapon or a cartridge. In catching the hunter’s hares, his correct actions play a key role in the success.


Types of hare hunting

Among other things, hare hunting has several species differences, which depend on the time of year, the catcher’s skills, the financial level of the hunter, the landscape. The main categories of hare hunting will be considered further.

Hunting for a hare with hounds


It’s a lyrical type of hunting. A pre-dawn hour, a forest thicket or a field in shiny snow, a faithful hound dog nearby, and somewhere hiding a cunning fluffy animal – it’s wonderful. But where there is beauty, there is health. Hunting for a hare with hounds will require a high level of physical and moral training from the catcher – running through the forest, or the field can be delayed, and at the finish of the hunter with a dog can wait for victory is not yet 100%.

Tactics of the next format – a faithful hound dog, tracking down the tangled loops of the hare’s paws with a loud barking begin to drive the game. The hare’s dog is driven not chaotically but directed to a pre-prepared and occupied catcher place of lying and shooting.

As soon as the beast reaches the distance of the shotgun shot – one accurate shot and the winning finish. However, the hare may be more cunning, or vice versa stupider and at speed to leave the trajectory of the right movement in any direction. The dog will continue to drive him, and the catcher will have to catch up with them and already act on the situation. Basically, the result depends on the training of the hunter’s companion dog. As far as he is trained and trained in his hunting skills, so successful come close to the hunting pair. Choosing a hunting dog is a science. You can study it in the next article.


Hunting for a hare in a mirror

Often the nature of American presents its wonders or anomalies, when in late autumn, already fallen deep snow sharply descends, melts from woodlands, exposing last year’s foliage and black earth. There comes a moment of hunting for hares without a dog “in a mirror,” that is, “see,” “see.”

This type of hunting is designed for hares – Polyakov, which have already been able to change the color of the wool to snow white, meet in deep drifts of the beginning of winter and be completely unprotected at the time of snow. Squirrel in forest thicket with a snow-white “coat” – an ideal target even for a beginner hunter.

But the methods of caution should not be forgotten. The beast on the foliage background is remarkable, even hiding in its once hidden snowdrifts of sunbeds, but the speed and flair he did not lose anyway. With this method of hunting, the catcher discovering the game must apply all the skills of a careful approach to the target and perform a striking shot. That’s the only way to get a result. But sometimes, even experienced shooters in this method can not achieve the result the first time. The squirrel senses danger breaks from his place – the hunter follows him.

Ideally, to use this method of fishing in the early morning, the hare during this period can lose his guard and much closer to let the shooter hunted on him—physically developed hunter – a successful hunter and in this category of catching hares.

The method depends on the vagaries of nature, and can be extremely short, as the newly fallen snow will negate its essence.


Hunting for hare trail

Fishing with a companion is not available to everyone. Snow in late autumn is also a phenomenon fickle, but the hunt for a hare trail – on malik, as his call experienced arrows – an amazing and fascinating type of catching a hare.

Trailing – if you briefly explain the essence, the art to unravel the quest traces of game to the end, calculate its last movement and strike.

It was mentioned above that the hare is a beast, though skittish, cunning by nature. That’s a fact. The skill to obfuscate traces, fans to lay loops, and then perform long jumps unexpectedly and in a chaotic direction – that’s what you need to know, the hunter. Luck will also become a significant helper when hunting a trail on a hare.

When there is a good winter weather, and before that there was a good powder in the early morning hare tracks very successfully print his direction. Carefully monitor the loops of traces and other freaks, mark the so-called “beacons” in the tracks, helping in hunting. After determining the direction of the hare jump and gently begin to creep up to its potential new bed.

Usually, the hare makes first one double loop of traces (“double” in the slang of professional hunters), then spins a triple loop (“troika”) and then as if continues the way forward further, but… Here, it’s his trail that can abruptly break. This is the highest priority, which, when trailing the catcher, can not be lost or not determined. If the trail is so abruptly cut off, the beast has made a sharp leap to the side (natural methods of obfuscation of its traces from predators – “estimate”) in the nearest vegetation, next to which is its bed. Everything you need to do quickly to the master pathfinder, otherwise you can come to an empty bed and then have to start all over again.


Hunting for a hare with an approach

Type for patient and diligent hunters during late autumn or in the absence of snow precipitation in the calendar winter months. Designed for rusaks and belyakovs equally successfully, after passing them molting wool.

The essence of the method is to track down its prey in the path of its following after slowly sneaking up on it at the distance of a shotgun shot. If the animal notices the hunter and changes the location, the catcher dutifully moves behind him in the same spirit and style until there is one accurate shot. The type of hunting will be an increased success if the weather factors of snowlessness coincide and the landscape has a monochrome color surface. When the hare is quickly discovered, and the main efforts of the species are made – to direct to the approach to it a neat jewelry gait of the catcher.


Hunting for a hare at night

The night style of hare hunting already applies to more professional types of hunting. It is believed that beginners in the night hunting craft should not participate. It is with this method that we definitely should start with. Not only does the action take place at night, so it is also a mandatory factor – winter.

To hunt in the dark was successful for the catcher it is necessary to prepare for it in the equipment, and in the safety and life of the hunter. Mandatory warm things of reinforced type, lantern, hot tea, strong and high-quality winter shoes, of other hunting equipment.

To defeat the hare at night, the second element is necessary to find beforehand to determine the zone of its early appearance here. Usually, the nighttime for hares is quite active for a period of time. That’s when the eared individuals come out feeding, crawl out on the fats. You need to find places of deciduous trees with hare footprints on them earlier, or find a field, a plot of it, which has a piece of uncollected sowing – just as an attractive place for a hare.

Further, it would help if you chose a hunting bed, convenient for shooting, stock up on camouflage robe and patience with perseverance – the hare may not appear for a long time. When the hare appears (if the place is chosen correctly by the hunter – next to the stern, strike an accurate shot and return home with victory.


Useful tips

At the very beginning of the article it was mentioned that each animal bears its secrets. These secrets, of course, are familiar to seasoned, old hunters, but beginner catchers also want to learn a few useful things at the theoretical stage will help to make fewer mistakes after – in practice. When hunting for dice, there are some useful tips:

  • Perseverance and patience are two factors to spare when hunting hares;
  • Accurate shooting in different positions of the arrow, the skill must be honed as sharply as possible;
  • When shooting – the first shot – will give direction to the development of the whole situation of the fishing process in general. As far as it will be effective and accurate – so successful will be the hunter himself;
  • Smoothness of movements in everything – the development of the habit of automatism, and shooting, and in the movements of the hunter. Carefulness, caution in hunting the eared beast is only a plus as a result;
  • Effective time for hunting hares – night – the peak of activity of the animal, but first it is necessary to hone the skills of hunting on simple conditions of catching prey;
  • Study of the theory of hunting in principle and on a specific game on the maximum scale – for beginners – necessarily;
  • Security – don’t forget about it. Warm things should be on the catcher quality, dry and strong. Firearms are always ideally used at the same level.

And the main thing is a pro-active position on moral attitude and maintaining the morale of the hunter in any situation. Even the oldest and most experienced master hunter sometimes returns without proper prey… But to be discouraged, to abandon the development of hunting craft, to despair – in any case, it is impossible. If you are unlucky today, you will be lucky tomorrow, no matter what fishing of prey was not.

Patience, perseverance, diligence in learning knowledge, and skills in practice – a set of qualities that can not fail to bring a positive result in any business. Summing up all the above, we can conclude that the hunting of hares is by no means an easy method of catching prey, as it seems to the beginner. Briefly immersed deeper into all the basics of the process of hunting eared furry animals, managed to learn all the subtleties and nuances.