How to Hunt Geese

How to Hunt Geese | Terms, Rules And Ways of Hunting

Characters of American folk tales are rarely wild geese. In fiction, smart, cunning individuals, in the end, achieve the victory of good and again become people. Life is almost the same. Migratory flocks in nature are very intelligent and sensitive. Hunting for a goose occupies a high rank in complexity, action, and contrast of its conduct among the rest of the battle of animals and birds.

Trophies when catching a family of ducks are beautiful and voluminous. Still, often inexperienced arrows make many mistakes in the campaign on birds, from which the population suffers greatly for nothing.


Types of geese

Many people believe that the goose is a homely bird species, and there is no concept about its life in the wild. However, wild birds – the family of ducks exist in it quite successfully. Specials with an elongated neck, a solid body, a powerful beak exist in it for quite a long time. Exposed to official hunting within specific seasons. Popular categories:

greylag goose

The most frequent of all species of the duck family. It is found in American. He’s the ancestor of domestic geese, rightfully. The color of the pen is brown with gray inlays. The chest and abdomen are white with rare dark spots. They have bright red strong beaks and such paws. The bird is characterized by its ringing cry, which distinguishes them from the ducks, cossacks.

The main period of their lives the outdoors. This behavior is the main feature of the difference between a bird and a real duck or a swan. The large body size is about a meter long. The weight of the males reaches 8 kilograms. The average weight of a bird is three to six kilograms. They nest near freshwater bodies of the western territory of American. They can inhabit landscapes.



The second name of zoologists this bird got from its habitat – polar. Beautiful look with a large body, white feathers, pink beak with a slight bright inclusion. The subtype is close to another one – the Humenik. That lives in softer climatic zones. However, the species of white-headed goose fell in love with the shores of Greenland, the Arctic, and other northern territories.

The weight of the individual on average is up to six kilograms. The ends of the wings are decorated with black stripes as if contrasting inserts in whole snow-white color. The size is significantly smaller than the gray goose. It refers to migratory birds. Wintering takes place in warm areas. You can watch it in Mexico.

He likes a more terrestrial lifestyle and runs more often on the ground, unlike other species. Herbivores are exactly like all families of wild geese. He spends less time on water or air than his fellows.



Very similar to a gray look. With a few distinctive features. The color of feathers is also brown in color, with a gray hue in most light necks and breasts. But the beaks of the Gumennik are dark, with orange inserts in the middle. It is on the hunters and distinguishes them from gray geese.

On average, the gunmen weigh about 4 kilograms. Rare individuals reach more than five kilos in weight.

Habitat in the warm season – tundra or taiga parts of the country. Wintering is carried out by flight to Mongolia or the Altai region of American. The very first return with the onset of the March drop.

Here are the most popular species of wild geese for hunting. These types are common in landscapes and areas with wide availability and coverage. In general, the goose family has division into mountain, sea geese, individuals of dry carriers. Such subspecies are taking either from the habit or from the external signs of feathered fairy birds.


General rules and features of hunting

General rules and features of hunting

Hunting wild geese is an interesting, even exciting sport. An occupation that makes the hunter’s heartbeat harder, faster and fills his soul with energy. But as far as catching a goose is remarkable – just as demanding to yourself. Inexperience or lack of skills in the catcher in the campaign on such a wild individual will bring two troubles:

  1. Moral defeat in the soul and the struggle for man;
  2. Education of a wounded in a pack, which will easily die in the natural conditions of the wounds.

This should not be allowed – it will cause a significant kind of development of wildlife because it is all interconnected.

Therefore, it is worth having an excellent training hunter in general rules and beating the goose from the wild to study all the rules and laws of such fishing thoroughly.

It is necessary to choose the right fishing season. For the official hunting of geese in the year is assigned two: autumn and spring.

There is significant knowledge about the behavior of birds at any time. Since the wild goose lives in a large American area, to catch it during the rest of the flight, at the time of flight or departure. There may be confusion in the flocks. Some individuals may be behind or lose their flock altogether. Such individuals are geese and become prey to autumn shooters. But finding the parking lot of wild geese in their “cruise” task is not an easy task. Requires to itself high experience and experience from the hunter.

Spring rules also include

weather. It is necessary to consider almost a lot of factors: the amount of snow on hunting grounds, the direction and strength of the wind, the temperature of the environment. Lots of weather conditions. The longer the cold weather is in the spring drop season, the longer the goose will be in the warmer parts. As soon as the air temperature in its habitat goes to plus values – the oily feathered immediately climbs back from the south. Here and then, it will be possible to arrange on it a quality catch. If this factor is not considered, the bird catcher – an empty hike in the goose habitats and returns home “not salt bread.” In both seasons, the bird shooting is ambushed. So, the skill of building without violating the elements of the environment is included in the arsenal of a successful fighter of the wild goose.

It turns out if a person wants to learn to hunt wild geese – his way lies through the “mountains” of serious theoretical training, “fields” of training in practice. You can add here knowledge of the bird’s habits, features of its movements, feeding.

Additionally, communication in the circles of seasoned hunters to the future winner does not hurt at all. There are several unofficial rules in such hunting. It is worth knowing the official legislation. It is especially worth studying all prohibitions. A special ban applies to shooting in packs in flight, hunting from a boat, catching geese with dogs. Such methods are strictly condemned and prohibited!


What equipment and weapons to use?

What equipment and weapons to use

The standard of clothing and footwear for the shooter of any game in the ranks of seasoned hunters is known and observed. Camouflage color of clothing depending on the fishing season – a mandatory point of preparation.

Hunting for wild geese in autumn is carried out in the northern territories – it’s cold. Spring flooding and long sitting in an ambush also do not bode well. Convenience, maximum noise, closeness, and increased insulation. In shoes – all the same. If it doesn’t, the hunter will freeze and get wet.

With personal camouflage understandable, but with an ambush?

It has its essence. Success will bring naturalness the invisibility to the structure. Goose bird alert, skittish. If it smells of something wrong – hunting is not seen. Just fly away from the whole flock. The former shooter calls the ambushes “screeds.” In several ways, it masks:

  • Local means without disturbing the rest of the natural elements for the hut. Camouflage by local vegetation.
  • Special means. The basis of a hut or a type of plastic. Masked in the factory camouflage network. The network of two subspecies is purchased and made of improvised material (the burlap is popular).

It is necessary to take the camouflage of the hunting ambush and its construction seriously. The better it is, the more natural – the higher the victory over the goose game.

Small arms are the number two training of a goose hunter. If there is no personal experience of birds fishing – get advice on the choice of guns and cartridges from experienced hunters in gun shops.

The main thing for shooting is the range of its use. Basically, the goose is shot from an ambush (“scrogs”) at a distance of 60 – 65 meters. With such distance, the choice of cartridge and fraction to it is carried out very carefully. We need a winning long-range shot. The main thing in the cartridge:

  • The shooting should not be less than 85-90%;
  • The speed of the fraction is at least 400 m/s.

If both points are fulfilled – the defeat of the goal is effective. If the parameters do not correspond, there may be misses, short-term.

As an example, the cartridges filled with gunpowder “Falcon” (2.3 grams) with a fraction for No.1 (34 grams) with a 2 mm pad are effective. Fractions 2 and 3 are allowed. In addition to domestic munitions, there are also imported analogs. They are designed for the inhumane catching of the feathered. For the bird harm – when shooting a cart cartouche, the formation of a disabled person in a flock of wild geese is very high.

The degree of readiness of the wild geese catcher is his number of positive answers to several final questions:

  1. The choice of weapons and ammunition for a wild goose – executed?
  2. Is there a personal disguise, a skill of – scrods are?
  3. Is goose bait in the form of food or an additional tool ready?
  4. Additional equipment of assistance and everyday life of the shooter (lantern, knife, matches) is ready?


Hunting for goose by season

Goose hunting in the USA is dissected for two periods: spring and autumn. Each has its own details.


The time when goose flocks try to return to their native land after a warm reset. Ten days are set aside for a “warm” fight. If within the exact dates – within the limits of March 6 to June 16. The spring season includes several aspects:

Hunting at the time of flights when the bird is reduced to water or field. Choosing the right place for an ambush is the basis of fishing. You need a hill or a hill. Preliminary study of the entire flight path of geese. Knowledge of the feeding points and the rest of the pack.

Hunting at the moment of feeding on the ground. Knowledge of migratory routes is also important. Often they feed near small reservoirs overgrown with reed vegetation. There should be placed “screen.” An ambush requires patience and perseverance.

Understand the very behavior of winged animals returning from the southern rest. His habits in the spring flight are leisurely. The height varies from the time of day. Stops for feeding or rest are long and frequent. The bird is calmer. More available in the spring fight. Successful bird fishing is carried out either at dusk or in the wee hours.



Early autumn morning has to win when hunting flocks of wild geese. The hunter should remember – the environment where the fight of the game in the spring is not available for autumn fishing. Goose has the memory of dangerous areas. He’s not going back there. Pre-preparation is required. Exploring the path of the summer of the pack. With the onset of colds, individuals are more nervous, restless. Flights perform at high altitudes. Feeding stops are performed with increased attention and caution.

The types and places of the autumn battle of the game are not particularly different from the spring battles. There is only the need for increased patience of the hunter and his caution. In autumn, they hunt the bird during flights (take-off or landing), parking for feeding. Fight from an ambush at a distance. In principle, there are other ways to defeat wild geese. More on them will be discussed below.


Types of goose hunting

It is worth touching the ways to bait and defeat wild goose regardless of the fishing season. Knowing how big bird hunting can be, their practice will be excellent helpers to win in such an action-packed venture:

With man

A popular way of catching any game by an experienced hunter. The essence – additional inventory – sound beckoning. The manic mimics the natural cries of the bird (mostly females). With him, the birds are lured to the target of an ambush.

In a wild goose case, decoy copies not one sound but components of several natural cries. There are instruments with ready-made sets of sounds on sale. From an ambush are issued such “melodies” luring them flock to the place of feeding – the zone of defeat.



Here the basis of the method is to prepare in advance. You need to study the way birds fly. Relate it to the real landscape. Find out where the bird goes, where it stops for feeding. Know the time of the birds. Especially depending on the season. Autumn is shorter, in the spring is longer.

Choosing the area under the structure of the “Strada.” You need a hill or a natural hill. If it is impossible – the places are flat – the ambush is arranged by digging a hole about a meter deep, like a military trench. After an ambush, you need to be patient and wait for the bird.

It is worth waiting for the bird to drop at the feeding place. In these conditions, the hunter, choosing “his” goose, makes an accurate shot. Also, on the contrary, at the moment of the start, after feeding. When the goose is still in height and speed – there is shooting at the target. The wind should be directed in the hunter’s face. The goal is that the pack does not have foreign smells. Shooting on the pack in flight is prohibited!

Goosebumps – the angle of view in front of itself in 45 degrees. The blind zone behind itself is entire. It plays into the hunter’s hands. It is worth considering the choice of ambush, correlated it with the trajectory of the pack.

When hit by a bird, the shooter is obliged to trace all the way of its fall to the ground. This will give the safety of prey and the absence of wounds, which will die from wounds themselves after the shooter loses them.

The Society of Shooters believes that shooting a pair of soaring birds is like death.

It is worth explaining – wild goose by nature monogamous animal. The partner is chosen from them once and for life. If the catcher kills a goose or a goose – he will automatically doom to death from loneliness and longing for his “favorite” partner. Such sacrifices are not ready to bring real fishers for their pleasure—the former miner honors and respects the natural laws.

Completely, scientists, monogamous birds of the family of ducks is not proven. Their longing also has no confirmation from science. But the facts of the death of the second individual were recorded by the catchers themselves. Therefore, outside the vowel rule is not violated by self-respecting hunters.

The second thing that imposes a ban on hunting a goose in flight – there is no way to distinguish a male from a female. Plus, another outside of the vowel rule – shooting a pack in-flight – an indecent, disrespectful action for true wildlife catchers in the wild.

Therefore, hunting during flights, i.e., at the time of the flight on geese, is not made. Shooting on birds is carried out only at the time of their landing or departure.


With stuffed animals

From the name of the method of catching a goose is clear its essence. The bait of the flying pack is an artificially made effigy. Attracted by her appearance. They beckon to the perimeter of the hunter’s exact shot.

Stuffed constructively of two kinds:

  1. Profile – the simplest constructively and at the cost of bait geese. These are flat images of goose birds. Prepared from thin plywood sheets. Painted in colors similar to the natural color of goose feathers.
  2. The voluminous figure is more complex and expensive lures. They are called stuffed animals. They look like a stuffed goose in three dimensions. They have a natural color of the bird. Constructively considered more successful in the method of fishing in this way.

In the hunting environment, the effigies are divided:

  • complete – non-disposable structures in three dimensions. The simplest type of voluminous lures. Minimum effect;
  • partial – stuffed prefabricated teams of several components. Assembling these types is at the site of the installation. Plus – possible changes in the slopes or turns of parts of the bird’s body, which gives additional naturalness and attraction of real geese;
  • “rocking” type – interesting inflatable stuffed. Comfortable in its carry. From dense rubber. Swing in the wind at the installation site.



Also developed type of fishing of many categories of the game. It belongs to group hunting. It is held in large companies of hunters. Individualists and loners – hunters have a negative attitude to it.

Tactical actions: when the place of fat or the swarm is found, the hunters are divided into two groups. The group first is ambushed by a well-disguised. The second unit drives the puck into the right zone. At the same time, the group of two is not close to the pack – it is kept at a distance of about two hundred meters from it. It is important – to drive a flock of small flight and completely not scare it from the place.

The optimal time is at dawn when the fascination with feeding birds is increased because of hunger.


At night

Powerful intelligence is important here. By night darkness, a flock of geese saturates its belly and flies to places close to the water. If the wind is stormy – perhaps the flock will remain in the field.

Hence the intelligence for the shooter for the night battle birds plays a serious role.

After eating and before going to bed by the water, Goose likes to put his body in order. Swim, peel feathers. He does it passionately and carefully after water procedures are arranged on the reservoir’s shore and prepare for bed.

After reconnaissance, the catcher on the shore in some distance prepares his ambush “SCR off.” It’s better in advance, too. Hiding in it and watching waits. As soon as the whole flock after washing is on the bank of a river or a pond. It is important to catch the moment when the birds quiet down and try to fall asleep – an accurate shot can get your goose prey.


From the boat

Many inexperienced wildlife catchers believe that this method may be quite similar to catching ducks. However, it is worth debunking this opinion at once! Duck carnage from the boat – allowed and quite underway. And goose boat hunting is forbidden and despised by the society of experienced shooters! Goose animal sensitive, neat, magical. Any swimming equipment cannot be used in their fishing at the legislative level.

Hunting communities respect humanity. Experienced hunters do not catch birds from boats – it is believed that if a flock of migratory winged birds sat on the water – it requires a rest from the flight. It is impossible to disturb her at the same time.

Conclusion – boat battle of wild geese – a prohibited way of extracting birds

Wild geese are birds of the duck family. They have many differences from their kind. No wonder they were often used like characters of USA folk tales.

Folklore is revered in the circles of hunters. Outside, the vowel rules of communities are courteously observed by every experienced shooter. They have prohibitions on some ways of hunting geese. In addition, the bird is protected at the state level.

Hence the conclusion – hunting for a goose is exhilarating, interesting, emotional, but to become able to shoot such a game in natural conditions is not easy and requires grandiose training, training, compliance with the legal and internal rules of combat.

Only competent actions and following all the rules of catching prey will bring and stunning emotions and a lot of prey and respect among seasoned hunters.