How to Hunt Ducks and Geese

How to Hunt Ducks | Terms, Rules And Ways of Hunting

Hunting for ducks all over gives the catcher a huge amount of positive emotions. At the end of the process, he expects the delicious meat of wild duck.

But to win and in this duel with wildlife, you need to familiarize yourself with the details of the process. Get some knowledge, acquire individual skills. They are simple but necessary.


General hunting rules

The hunting season for waterfowl is long in time. Hunting is divided into two seasons. Each is conducted in certain ways. Before you perform a practical trek for prey, you are required to study the peculiarities of catching birds in these times. Plus, as you will have to hunt with a firearm, and even on a flying bird – you need training shooting at a moving target. You will need to learn how to camouflage, build ambushes and huts properly.

Shooting has one more detail – the shooter must be able to hit the target with both eyes open. Ordinary shooting on the target, its main training is different from this, why and need additional training. It is necessary to treat the choice of the necessary equipment, items, and tools in good faith. With them, the catcher will effectively hunt for a waterfowl in any season or way. Safety measures for single or group catching of birds, exactly, as well as the hunter’s license and permit for weapons – mandatory factors of admission to any extraction of the animal or bird.

As it prepares, in what seasons to hunt, the necessary equipment of hunting for a duck – about all this in this article.


Preparing for duck hunting

Preparing for duck hunting

Catching duck individuals is basically an effective idea. But sometimes beginners can complain that going on a hike on the feathered game returned empty-handed. To avoid such a disorder, wasting time in the empty, you need to prepare well before going to the battle of the bird.

It is worth starting with the assessment of the species of duck, and therefore their habitat. In nature, ducks are conventionally divided into two types:

  • River mallard;
  • It’s a snout.

Knowledge of the bird categories gives the catcher the correct behavior in their feeding, habitat, and therefore increases the results of hunting for it. At the beginning of the campaign, it is necessary to evaluate the type of game with a complete orientation of the area where the fighting will occur.

The mallard, it is known, tries to feed on the ground in reeds. She likes to eat in the evening or total darkness. It is necessary to prepare ambushes near shallow water and thickets of river vegetation before the attack with such a bird. In addition, you need to study the routes of her flight.

Nir game, on the contrary, does not belong to the land. Feed production is more on the water. So, the shooter needs to take additional preparation measures to obtain additional equipment – boats to finish the hike on flying dives successfully. He will also need a faithful companion – a dog, which will deliver the owner shot duck after a precise shot from the densely dense.

Assessing the terrain, the bird itself gives the rest of the data and landmarks of preparation for the hike, ensures its success and obtaining true pleasure. A frivolous attitude to such things leads to a negative and negative result in the end.


What Equipment to Use?

As for any wildlife hike, clothing and footwear should be tailored to the terrain, season, and current weather. It should not contain elements that create additional noise. The catcher’s equipment is a combination of convenience, camouflage, and tightness in their places.

Special attention to catching birds is given to the masking factors of the hunter in clothing and objects of catching.

Therefore, the bird has visual acuity; therefore, if the shooter will allow in his clothes, equipment, even weapons, any disguising moment – the campaign’s failure is provided.

Carefully selected camouflage suits should contain a small camouflage pattern and do not differ from the terrain, the time of year at which fishing will be conducted. Use camouflage nets, which help to further merge with the area “sitting” the shooter, his built hut, or ambush.

If the shooting will be carried out from the water – it is worth thinking over the camouflage and boats. Even a gun shouldn’t take a catcher out of the landscape. He can’t wait for victory.

In the present camouflage, all items are carried out by self-camouflage or purchase of factory-made items. The second camouflage in its qualities is better but much more expensive than homemade things. The choice is already from the budget of each hunter.

The type of weapon on the duck is chosen depending on the hunting season. At heart – one or double-barrelled shotguns, loaded with a shotgun of different types. The length of the barrels should not exceed 80 cm. Popular caliber for shooting in any hunting season – 12 mm.

In the warm period, the shooting of the game is conducted mainly from the forest area. The duck has to catch up or change its place of ambush. Hence the conclusion to the weapon – it requires mobility. This is a key factor in the hunter’s rapid movement. The shot is used no.3 or 4.

In autumn, in the cold flying game already with a certain fat layer. So, it will take a few powerful shotguns and increased killing power of the gun itself. The shot is chosen for the number from 4 to 7. To increase the power of weapons when charging, add a canopy of gunpowder. Shooting during this period is carried out in the main with water on the flying bird.


Hunting for ducks by season

Hunting for ducks by season

Flying game fishing is officially allowed for a long period of the year. There are two parts, determining its methods and hunting conditions:


The thermal time of year of catching feathered legally has a major difference. It is allowed to hunt in the spring only on the spin. Male feathered game. Spring breeding season of duck flock. At this time of year, males ravage laying eggs, which harms the development of the duck population. Shooting solely in the spring, hunters preserve and develop the duck genus.

Spring bird fishing is carried out only at close range. It is impossible to allow fishing, which will scare females feathered from the nesting places.

Hunting with stuffed animals is allowed. This method lures the sleazy. A precise shot is fired at him by a hunter who has been frozen nearby. Hence the disguise of the hunter and his inventory is an important factor.



The cooler time of year is more popular for bird fishing. Regional differences in the start of such hunting depend on the region of the country, and the first begins at the end of the last summer month. The essence of the season is also scientifically based. Autumn is when the duck withdrawal has grown, has grown stronger, and became independent in flight.

Young individuals are kept together in a pack. They live in dense thickets of reservoirs. Therefore, in the first half of the autumn season, the shooter leads the capture of the bird mainly from the water with the help of a boat. The battle of the bird is flying—characteristic evening time for shooting when ducks are going to feed.

At the end of September, the duck flocks are going to fly south. Effectively in this half uses additional means of hunting – decoy, stuffed, and other tools.

The period is highly suspicious of birds, so the hunter should consider creating a quality ambush, a hut for striking in the dawn hours. At random, it’s better not to open fire all over the pack. You need to choose a target in advance and accurately take a shot at it.


Types of duck hunting

To qualitatively and professionally lead the hunt for flying birds, any catcher, especially starting his way in this venture, need to study all kinds of birds fishing. This will allow you to return home with prey and enjoy the process.

With stuffed animals

The type of hunting of birds is prevalent and effective in any period. The basis is in its name. To implement, you need to make a bait in the form of a stuffed duck, and the arrow will be hidden at a distance acceptable for an exact shot. When the prey approaches the bait, the hunter strikes an accurate blow and victoriously completes the fishing in this way.

The stuffed animals sit a short distance apart. It is necessary to repeat the natural location of the duck flock in nature. The masking of the hunter is carried out in the thickets of reeds, in a pre-built hut in complete silence. The flock is expected to fly past the effigies, and after the lure is found, the descent to the water for feeding is expected. At this point and comes the final stage of shooting. The type of hunting is practiced at dawn.


From the approach

An important factor in this method is that it is impossible to use inexperienced hunters. Good practical skills and increased hunting skills are required.

Tactical actions: in the thickets of reeds or thick grass are looking for flocks of hiding ducks. A close-range hike ensures their fright and shot in flight. The difficulty lies in the ability to secretly sneak up on the game and the skills of an accurate shot at a moving target in a short time. Hence the main conclusion about the prohibition of the use of such tactics by newcomers of feathered catchers.


With mack

The method of fishing refers to the group hunting of flying games. Uses in its basis and the way with stuffed animals, additional hunting equipment – a decoy. Its sounds can attract flying nearby flocks of ducks to the water. They are then fired to kill.

Tactics: a group of decoy catchers with experience emits sound signals to attract the duck package. The second group sits in a pre-prepared ambush and prepares to make an accurate shot. Manok is a sound instrument that you need to practice with beforehand. To “quack” to attract a duck requires experience. In addition, it is necessary to study duck sounds so as not to break the logic of their structure at a crucial moment. “Crying” touts almost constantly until the necessary effect of the way is not reached. In addition to studying sound duck signals does not apply to methods of increased complexity. It is possible for use by novice hunters after a little training.


With a planting duck

The method, in fact, is built from its name, a bit like hunting with the help of stuffed animals. But it is distinguished by its modernization and functionality. The main difference is the planting. It not only lures feathered individuals but also quacks. It makes sounds that beckon to her real serpents. At a price somewhat higher than other hunting ducks, females need to train so that she is not afraid of shots especially.

Tactically carried out in shallow water, with a binding planted to a tree or a shrub. To avoid losing the subject of hunting. Perfectly lures to itself the spleen, on which after they sit on the water, you can apply accurate shots. If the hunter’s funds allow, it is possible to use two plantings. At the same time, have both in different places, out of sight of each.


With dogs

A type of flying game hunting that is dynamic. But the type of fishing requires from the hunter increased measures of discipline training and education of his companion. Often beginners using this method of hunting get due to the empty play of their dog and fright of the whole pack.

Choosing a breed to catch a bird is also necessary carefully. Not all dogs bring the hunter killed game. Effective in this cops. But even they need in the beginning to seriously prepare and train to catch birds. They do their job in the duck campaign of spaniels. They have the qualities and skills to search, lift on the wing of the bird, and after shooting perfectly, get out of the dense thickets of plants killed game and bring it to the hands of the catcher.

Dog hunting tactics – the hunter, gives a command to a companion to search for a flock of birds in the thickets and shallow water. The dog, with his art, qualitatively executes the order. The dog easily lifts the ducks on the wing. At this point, the shooter makes an accurate shot at the target. Next, he expects to bring prey from his dog. Beginners who are not sure of preparing their animals for the described method should not practice it.


From the boat

The method refers to the autumn hunting of birds. The most effective group performance. When there are no more catching birds from the shore.

The tool is a boat in hunting. It is necessary to have skills in working with the inventory – the hunter must be silently able to manage his product well to mask it. Precision shooting in motion and adverse weather conditions are also necessary.

A couple of hunters settle down on a boat. One tries to move silently on it. The second holds a gun ready. The steam movement leads against the wind. As soon as the pack is seen – there is an accurate shooting.


On flights

The flight of winged individuals is carried out at the end of the summer. Their frequency is increased and begins in the evening hours. Flying ducks conduct their feeding, moving from the places of their bed to the territory of feeding. In the evening, the flocks fly out, feed all night. At dawn, I make the same journey back.

Tactical actions of the catcher are divided just at the moment before and after the strike. If the catcher decides to hit the target in the evening or morning, you need to build an additional disguise. If the shooting is planned in the night – it is enough to find a wide bush and merged with it, you can safely open fire.

In this way, it is important to detect ducks, not one by one but in a flight in a flock. From it choosing a specific individual can make an accurate shot.

Importantly! Shooting on the duck pack in this type of hunting is carried out only at the time of the flight of the pack and, in any case, not in the area of their feeding. The duck is fed to shoot, can not shoot, afraid of the rest of the pack, and changes the feeding point.

How to aim?

Duck shooting is the basis of the effectiveness of all bird hunting. But the duck is on the move at the moment of its defeat. At the same time, there may be mistakes in shooting that lead to failures and an empty result, which will not give anyone pleasure.

To avoid mistakes and misses, there is a system of aiming, having studied which the hunter in most cases will be able to strike an accurate shot and therefore return home with prey.


The sight of a sitting duck

The duck floats on the water surface. The aim, in this case, is slightly below her torso. An imaginary line is created, just below the contact of the duck with water.

The duck moves on land or is frozen motionless on the edge of the shore. The sight of the catcher is directed to the middle of the torso.

There are almost no criteria for selecting a point of shooting on the duck’s body in the spring. In autumn, because of a certain fat layer set, the bird should not aim in the chest. Once there, the shot injures the bird, and it, in most cases, will be able to escape from the hunter.


The sight of a flying duck

The division leads to the season of duck hunting. Evaluation of flying game, distance to it is essential. The further the goal is, the greater the gap in front of it is to perform when aiming, the most successful in good weather, against the background of clear, clear skies, especially for beginners.

In the spring hunting period – it is necessary to aim at the head of the bird.

In the autumn hunting season, shooting is mostly conducted on the flight of birds – the aim here is worth pre-emption. The pre-emption distance is about two meters.

Duck hunting is considered from all sides. After all described next – if the catcher wants to get a lot of amazing emotions, a good rest, and the result in the form of a decent duck prey – he should work hard in studies and practical training.