How To Stop Pulling Golf Ball Left?

In this blog post, we’ll outline four practical tips that will help you stop pulling your ball left so that you can develop a more consistent swing and enjoy the game of golf again.

Intro: Are you consistently hitting a golf ball to the left, no matter what club you use? Are your tee shots off-target more often than not? If so, then it’s time for some severe golf help. Here at our PGA-instructed center, we have years of experience diagnosing and treating this common issue! In this blog post, we will share information about why players tend to hit their shots to the left and offer tips on how you can work towards a consistent swing path that stays right where you want it. So read on if you’re ready to improve your game—it will help get those drives headed straight down the fairway!

What Is The Most Common Cause Of A Golf Ball Being Pulled Left?

The most common cause of a golf ball being pulled left is an open-faced clubface at impact. An open-faced clubface is when the face of the clubhead points to the right of your target line instead of parallel with it. This causes the ball to be struck on its heel and to fly off on a leftward trajectory. To prevent this from happening, ensure that you are setting up so that you can hit straight down the target line with a closed-faced club. This includes providing your grip is neutral, your stance isn’t too open or shut, and your hips and shoulders are square to the target line at the address. Additionally, practice drills such as swinging along two ropes parallel to the target line and working on your alignment sticks can help you ingrain the feeling of square impact. With practice, you can hit a straight golf ball with no pull. Learn more about the 8 Best Nike Golf Shoes for your game.

Other causes of a golf ball being pulled left are an overly weak grip, when the hands are too far ahead of the clubface at impact, causing it to be open, or an outside-in swing path which also causes it to be available. To fix these issues, strengthen your grip slightly, ensure that your hands are behind the clubface at impact, and keep your swing path inside-out as much as possible.  Again, with enough practice and dedication, you can eliminate this leftward tendency from your game.

How Can I Correct My Grip To Stop Pulling The Ball Left?

Ensuring a proper grip is the first step to correcting your grip and eliminating the left pull. To do this, it’s best to list the necessary components for each hand: thumb placement, finger spacing, pressure distribution, and hand angle. 

Thumb placement should be on the handle with fingers curled around it. Ensure enough room between your fingers and thumb to avoid overlapping or pressing against each other too much, as that can cause added tension. 

Finger spacing should have a comfortable distance between them, allowing you to feel each digit without interfering with their movement. Pressure distribution is also essential- your hands should be placed so that the pressure is evenly spread across all fingers and not concentrated in any one area.

Finally, the hand angle should be slightly cupped with your palms facing each other. This ensures that your wrists are square to the club face, leading to a straighter ball flight. 

By following these steps and ensuring your grip is correct, you can start seeing improved results and finally stop pulling the ball left! 

With practice, you’ll soon get used to this new grip and start hitting straighter shots more consistently. Focus on perfecting your grip until it becomes second nature so you can move on to improving other aspects of your golf game, like mastering power control or fine-tuning alignment.

Conclusion: All golfers have experienced the frustrating feeling of watching their ball drift to the left. Fortunately, golfers can improve accuracy and drastically reduce pull-through technique, form, and focus. Combining these three factors will improve distance and accuracy, allowing players to reach the green with less stress and greater precision. By learning the ins and outs of technique, form, and focus, golfers can stop pulling their ball left and make that long shot they crave. With understanding comes better to play, so don’t wait any longer; start researching “How To Stop Pulling Golf Ball Left” today! Who knows how far you can take your game! Happy golfing, everyone!

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