How to Download And Install a YouTube Video Clip Thumbnail without Software program

How to Download And Install a YouTube Video Clip Thumbnail without Software program

As a content designer, you occasionally forget where you have actually downloaded your YouTube video clip thumbnail and also need to get a high-resolution copy. Here is how to do it if you won’t want to rely on 3rd event sites. No devices are called for it.

Getting the video clip id

Open your video on YouTube. Allow’s take this video as an example:
Now, consider the URL It needs to look something similar to this:
Wherever you see the upcoming requests, replace them with your video clip id (duh!).


If this video is part of a playlist, the URL may include other inquiry parameters, like in this instance:
The video id is situated between the equal sign = and the ampersand & if this is the situation.

Construct your download link

Open a new tab in your browser and paste this address; however, don’t strike go into yet.
It will get the YouTube thumbnail in the most significant resolution, 1280 × 720 pixels.

How to Download And Install a YouTube Video Clip Thumbnail without Software program

Download and install the picture.

Most of the time, the photo won’t be downloaded instantly, but
Instead, you are shown by the internet browser, as in this instance. Right-click on the image as well as select Save Photo As. Alternative download Links. You can change the name of the data in the link to obtain a lower resolution variation of your thumbnail. Some feasible worths. – default.jpg (120×90 px). – hqdefault.jpg (480×360 px). – sddefault.jpg( 640×480 px). Nevertheless, the majority of them add some black
Bars to the image, which makes them less useful( in my
Opinion). Thumbnail size. The complying will undoubtedly generate a tiny thumbnail dimension photo. mqdefault.jpg has a length of 320×180 pixels.
Repairing. Getting the thumbnail may fall short.

Below are some common factors as well as ways to fix them.

Invalid video id.
Ensure the video id does not consist of various other characters like= or &. You can not obtain a thumbnail of a personal video, even.
Suppose you are logged into YouTube. Not all thumbnail dimensions might be offered, mainly if the video clip is NOT in HQ.

Try out various other thumbnail sizes.

Added resources. During my study, I found the following Stackoverflow concerns, which go a bit deeper.
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