How to Choose the Right Shotgun

How to Choose the Right Shotgun For Hunting

When the future hunter first gets permission to buy weapons, he usually immediately rushes to the nearest gun store to buy them as soon as possible. However, do not rush to the purchase of the first smooth-bore shotgun.

After all, perhaps, it will be the only weapon with which a person will hunt for life. It is necessary to take into account many factors and take the first gun very seriously.

The range in gun shops, as well as the price range, is huge. A visitor of such a store can find a gun for a couple of tens of thousands of rubles and a million. Here, of course, everything depends only on the buyer.

Which is the best choice of caliber?

best choice of caliber

It is necessary first to analyze what the caliber of the gun means. The caliber-defining system was invented in England. From a piece of lead weighing 453.59 grams, cast the same bullet’s spherical form and their final number and consider the caliber. For a shotgun with a smaller barrel diameter, the bullets should be smaller, which means that the caliber is larger.

The most commonly used shotguns of the following calibers:

12 caliber Shotgun 

12 caliber Shotgun is the most common caliber. Almost every hunter fired such weapons. It allows the arrow to change the charge of gunpowder in a wide range. And also, this caliber allows you to use any cart and fraction. It is with such a gun it is possible to hunt all kinds of birds and animals effectively.

16 Gauge Shotgun

Such guns were often used by Soviet hunters, as they do not give a strong return and themselves were lighter, and it was not unimportant on the running hunt. With the help of weapons of the 16th caliber, it is possible to hunt both small and large games very effectively.

20 Gauge Shotgun

Guns of this caliber, as a rule, small, so they began to be called women. Since this weapon has a minimal charge of gunpowder, now it is almost not used.

24, 28 caliber

Such weapons are used even less frequently than 20-caliber shotguns for the same reason. Yes, it is quite light, practical, and has a high heap, but here you need a long learn to shoot so that the efficiency of its use was high.

The vertical or horizontal location of trunks?

This is a rather controversial issue. The vertical position of the gun barrels (short – vertical) is more convenient when shooting at flying targets than horizontal (horizontal), which is better used when hunting for ground targets. Also, the horizontal weighs a little less. Its tseva is not as massive as the vertical.

Many shooters choose shotguns with the horizontal position of trunks, thus asserting their commitment to hunting traditions. In any case, every buyer, when choosing a weapon, should listen to their own feelings because each person is comfortable with his own kind of gun.

Is it worth taking a self-loading gun?

Currently, almost any gun store can provide the buyer with a huge selection of self-loading rifles. They may have a gas reloading system or inertial system. The advantage of the gas drainage system lies in the lower recoil force, which provides the hunter with a more comfortable shooting. And the inertial system has an undeniable advantage of its unpretentiousness in care.

But, despite the convenience of using self-loading weapons, experienced hunters will not advise him to buy a beginner. It does not contribute to the development of discipline at the shooter. If a person cannot hit his target from the first or second shot, he is unlikely to hit it with the fourth and subsequent. But newcomers at a miss begin to release their entire store in the hope that at least by accident, but will get. Therefore, beginners are recommended to take all the classic double-barrel without reloading systems.

If you feel that some gun is not expensive, then you definitely should not take it. The butt has different properties: length, bend, retraction, which, if desired, can be adjusted, if the butt allows, but it should be done only with the help of an experienced arrow.

Modern smooth-bore weapons are usually suitable for only 75% of hunters. After all, sometimes, the parameters of the hunter are slightly different from the standard, and some arrows shoot from the left shoulder. It depends on which eye the person has led: left or right.

Often some hunters write with the right hand, but at the same time point the gun left, and for this, they specially trained, because then the effectiveness of the use of weapons significantly increases. Beginner shooters are not advised to take a weapon with a customizable butt, as the newcomer immediately begins to look for the ideal parameters. In the end, it makes the gun even more uncomfortable.

Which is the best brand to choose?

Undoubtedly, this question depends on the personal opinion of the buyer and naturally on the size of his budget, planned to buy a gun. If we talk about the overall picture, it is worth noting that the smooth-bore weapons of domestic manufacturers have high reliability and can last without breakdowns for a long time.

Also, recently, guns of Turkish origin are becoming more popular, as their quality has grown significantly in a few years. Do not forget about the guaranteed survivability of weapons, which the manufacturer’s factory indicates.

Most often, the manufacturer indicates survivability within ten thousand shots. Thus, the plant ensures that before the first breakdown of the gun hunter with the necessary care of the gun will shoot about ten thousand times. It may not be enough for professional shooters, but this number will last for a couple of decades for those who go hunting only twice a year.

So which gun is better to choose?

Any hunter should, first of all, rely on his own feelings. The main thing is that the purchased weapon was convenient for him and effective when used.