13 Best Spinning Reel 2019 | Reviews and Buying Guide

best spinning reels 2019Fishing is one of the most popular pastimes of Americans. Statistics reveal that more than a whopping 49 million Americans participated in freshwater, saltwater, and fly fishing in 2017 alone. Whether you fish as an outdoor recreational activity or you are a pro bass fisherman, having a deep and profound knowledge about the best spinning reel is as important as the oxygen you breathe in. maybe that is an exaggeration but you will agree with me that using the best spinning reel will make your fishing experience smooth and worthwhile. We shall endeavor to guide you as you choose the best spinning reel for your fishing activities.

Here are the revews of  best 13 spinning reels in 2019 available in the market.

Abu Garcia Revo S Spinning Reel.

The Revo S Spinning Reel is another high end spinning reel from the staples of Abu Garcia. This spinning real affords you a golden opportunity to enjoy a world-class fishing experience without necessarily breaking the bank. As a major player with vast experience in the spinning reel arena, you can rely on this manufacturer to help you “mind your angling business” with no regret.

The Revo S Spinning Reel features a combined X-Craftic gearbox design with a C6 carbon body, the reel’s IM-C6 carbon body design allows you to maintain a perfect gear alignment which gives you the leverage you need to outlast stubborn hard-pulling fish. The reel is perfectly designed for a precise casting with little effort. Its slow trajectory delivers an even line lay, while its Rocket Spool Lip design actively controls the rate at which the line comes off the spool to ensure greater casting accuracy. This castability pairs perfectly with the reel’s Rocket Line Management System, which provides added control no matter what type of fishing line you’re using. You can also use braid without worry of slippage, thanks to the machined aluminum spool that allows braid to be tied on directly. The Carbon Matrix hybrid drag system delivers smooth drag across the entire drag range, while the large PVC knobs provide an ergonomic grip for comfortable cranking especially when you are fishing for a long period of time. Its Everlast bail system, corrosion-resistant stainless steel main shaft, and HPCR bearings were perfectly put together to ensure the durability of this spinning reel.

In case you want to change the spool, it can be removed by unscrewing the drag knob on top of the spool. This spinning reel came with three extra plastic washers which are spacers for adjusting spool in case the line isn’t well laid.


  • Lightweight and great design
  • Drag performances are maximized
  • Sturdy and firm


  • The reel can be a little too noisy


Pflueger President XT Spinning Reel.

The Pflueger President XT spinning reel with reel size 20, a bearing count of 7, and a braid capacity of 180/4 is yet another high-end top performing spinning reel in the market. This spinning real like others that have been so far reviewed is lightweight with a high-speed gear ratio. It was excellently designed to feature an aluminum main shaft, aluminum pinion gear, sealed carbon drag which offers more fish fighting power and since it came sealed you need not worry about unwanted particles and debris getting inside, carbon fiber handle and a rubber cork knob among other things. Its other features are a 7 Bearing System to enhance movement, corrosion resistant stainless steel ball bearings, Aluminum Main Shaft which is 30 percent lighter than stainless steel, Aluminum Pinion Gear which is 60% lighter than the traditional brass gear, Braid ready spool which allows braid to be tied directly to spool, sealed Drag System, Sealed drag washers which is smooth and well lubricated. Its cork knobs are made from rubber this reduces strain on the wrists no matter how long the time of usage is. The Pflueger president XT spinning has a slow oscillation gearing which minimizes line twisting.

The spinning reel comes with only one spool; you should consider getting extra if you feel one would not be enough for you. You might be confused about the size to buy but we advise that your desired size should depend on the kind of fishing you want to use it for. For bass and pan fishing size, 25 or smaller should be okay. For trout and steelhead, on the other hand, you should consider a larger size.


  • Perfect for bass, trout and pan fishing
  • Its design is rather attractive
  • Sealed drag washers
  • Rubber cork knobs for reducing strain


  • it is slightly heavy


Pflueger Supreme XT Spinning Fishing Reel.

Built for silky-smooth drag performance, the Pflueger Supreme XT Spinning Fishing Reel with size 30 and a bearing count of 10is the first spinning reel to be reviewed. It is one of the lightest spinning reel ever produced in the fishing industry. It was stylishly designed to offer anglers the perfect balance they need to perform their fishing tasks with utmost precision whether onshore or offshore. This spinning reel’s ultra-lightweight design features a body made from magnesium and rotor this among other things affords rigidity in no small measure. This it does perfectly without unnecessarily burdening your rod with excess weight.

The designer of this spinning reel deserves recommendation for the sealed carbon drag systemand the braid-ready spool which allows you to tie the braid directly to the spool without a monofilament backingembedded in this reel. You should note that the carbon drag system brings hard-pulling fish to a halt without stress. The sealed carbondrag system remains well-lubricated even after a long period of harsh use. What more proof of durability can you possibly ask for? The Supreme XT spinning reel also features “the SMARTretrieve” which ensures perfect accuracy with every cast. If you are a professional angler, you will definitely find this feature very useful.

You haven’t seen the best of this spinning reel yet; this spinning reel features what is called a Sure-Click design system which makes a sound when the bail is ready to cast, its handle knob which provides easy and smooth retrieve is made from carbon which makes it about 21 per cent lighter than aluminum handles. Without mincing words, this spinning reel is perfect for a wide range of species and angling applications.


  • Lightweight and a very smooth drag
  • Suitable for both freshwater and saltwater fishing
  • Very comfortable


  • Bail arm gets worn out quickly


Pflueger President Spinning Reel.

The Pflueger president spinning reel manufactured by Pure Fishing is yet another high-end spinning reel that deserves to be comprehensively reviewed. Thisultralight spinning reel with gear ratio 5.2.1 and braid capacity of 220/10 was made from Machined ported and double anodized Braid ready aluminum spool which was brilliantly designed to feature an On/Off instant anti-reverse bearing which prevents the rotor from moving in a backward direction and instantly ensures solid hood sets in addition to the improved crank control it provides. The spinning reellightweight graphite body and rotor enables it to deliver what it was built for perfectly without much ado. Enhancing the performance and general outlook of the spinning reel is itssmooth multi-disc drag system with stainless steel and oiled felt washer. It is worthy to note that the handle is made from aluminum and it has a soft touch knob this among other things has allowed it to hold strong against small and large fishes.

With feedbacks from anglers who have used this spinning reel for about a year, we can confidently say that it offers great value for money. Although it was intended by the manufacturers for this spinning reel to be used in freshwaters and we would love to keep it that way but we must say that this spinning reelhas been used in both fresh and salt water with no regretwhatsoever. Youcan be rest assured that this spinning reel will attend to all your angler needs (if you use it reasonably well though) without cutting short its life cycle. This may be due to the fact thatIts crucial components are made from corrosion resistant stainless steel.


  • Great quality at a Pocket-friendly price
  • Smooth casting and excellent drag system
  • Perfect for trout, panfish, bass or walleye fishing


  • Poor line retrieval rate.
  • The maximum drag pressure is relatively low.


Pflueger President Spinning Reel

This Spinning Reel with a gear ratio of 5:2:1 is no doubt one of the best in the market, all its well-placed features as you shall soon see contributes to the reel’s extreme durability and smooth drag appreciated all over the world by seasoned and amateur anglers. This spinning reel features an aircraft aluminum handle for a soft smooth grip, the body and rotor were made from graphite, the drag is made from stainless steel which makes it corrosion resistance strong. The weight of this spinning reel is light, with a total weight of one pound this is one of the lightest spinning reels in the market, the weight affords for easy mobility and a less tiresome fishing, and you need not worry about your wrist being unnecessarily stressed. The spinning spool features a hole-like structure which gives soul-soothing comfort to fishers while handling it. This spinning reel was also brilliantly designed to feature a 9 stainless steel bearing that contributes to its sturdy built a perfect. Like all other spinning reels from Pflueger this spinning reel has an anti-reverse one-way clutch with a sure-click bail bearing system. This provides for an improved crank control.

Without mincing words or exaggerating, this spinning reel offer a great value for money. As evidenced by its stunning aluminum built, the durability of this great product should not be in doubt. It is also loaded with all the latest and important features that a you as every other angler may want in a good fishing reel.


  • Lightweight, great drag system, and smooth reeling
  • Quality for price
  • Perfect for panfish


  • The handle peels off after some time.


SHIMANO STRADIC C14B Front Drag, Freshwater Spinning Fishing Reel.

Judging from its elegance appearance alone it is not surprising that the Shimano Stradic front drag is regarded as one of the best spinning reels in the market. This comprehensive review is not based on mere appearance alone but rather on performance, durability and user experience. Now, enough of beating around the bush let us get busy with the review.

This gorgeous Shimano Stradic front drag as the name implies was perfectly built to improve anglers fishing experience. It is an improvement birthed by years of serious research whose aim and objective is a radical improvement on previous versions of this freshwater spinning reel by Shimano in a bid to offer superior fishing experience to professional and amateur anglers alike.

This spinning reel features an X-Ship technology which provides improved gear durability and reduce if not totally eradicate friction between the spool shaft and gear enhancing the casting performance and allowing for longer casts. As earlier said, this spinning reel uses Shimano latest technology, one of the notable technology it devised is the flagship HAGANE gearing and HAGANE Body which provides long-lasting, strong, and durable performance and smoothness giving anglers the strength for both inshore and offshore action. The built-in Dyna-Balance rotor and Fluidrive II system accompanied by Shimano’s Propulsion Line Management System offers exceptional smoothness and casting capabilities while mitigating line management issues. Also worthy of note as embedded improvement are the HAGANE gear, G Free Body, CI4+, X-SHIP, Core Protect, and the Magnumlite Rotor which allows a super light feel when you turn the handle. This spinning real is of the high tech cutting edge stock no doubt about that.

Although designed mainly for freshwater fishing,this spinning reel has however been used for inshore saltwater striped bass fishing, it performs reasonably well even till this day. You just have to rinse it in fresh water after usage. It is advised that you place a strip of electrical tape around the spool to give the braid something to bite unto in case you are going to use this reel with braid.


  • Absolutely awesome casting and retrieve rate
  • Lightweight and very smooth drag.
  • Built-in Dyna-Balance for smoothness
  • Gorgeous design


  • Exclusively for freshwater


Penn Gold Label Series Conquer Spinning Reel.

The Penn Gold Label Series Conquer Spinning Reel with dimension 7.9 x 4.7 x 9.8 inches, and weight of 1.1 pounds was made by a company with over seven decades of experience in fishing gears. This specific product has been around in the market for a long period of time, the mere fact that it continues to stay relevant in the spinning reel market is a pointer to its quality. Perhaps it will not be out of place to say that this has given it a spot among the best spinning reels.

This spinning reel features an easy access system (EAS) which allows maintenance hatch to be lowered in order to afford easy access to key internal parts for necessary lubrication, its eternal alloy the spool lip is made from a proprietary metal that resists dents and scratches this contributes to its durability, its superline spool requires no backing because of the rubber gasket that perfectly keeps the superline from slipping. This spinning reel also features the one-piece machined aluminum gearbox which is an invention that has been duly patented by the manufacturer of the spinning reel. This robust golden spinning reel was designed primarily to be used for saltwater fishing although it is not a taboo to use it in freshwater. It is well suited for close-to-shore and inshore species.

This highly durable spinning reel comes with a different specification, a number of bearing, braid capacity gear ratio and what have you. Ensure you do not get confused and pick the wrong one, you should endeavor to exercise due diligence. Whether you are an amateur or a professional angler this spinning reel is handy.


  • Strong, and well-built aluminum body
  • Lightweight with HT-100 drag system
  • Ideal for species like shark, tuna and tarpon


  • The retrieve speed is a little bit slower than expected
  • The handle is rather small


SHIMANO Stella SWB Saltwater Spinning Reels

The SHIMANO Stella SWB Saltwater Spinning Reel with a retrieve Per Crank Range between 33 and 52 is yet another high end spinning reel from the staples of Shimano. Like the previously reviewed Shimano spinning reel this spinning reel is also a beauty to behold, Shimano never fails to deliver on that. Let us see if this magnificent spinning reel deserves to be listed as one of the best spinning reels in the market.

This spinning reel features what the manufacturers called the X-Ship. The X-Ship provides improved gear durability this it does by supporting the pinion gear on both ends with bearings, the pinion gear maintains precise alignment with the drive gear. What this simply means in essence is that the gears will stay in the same position even under the heaviest loads. Additionally, the friction between the spool shaft and gear are eliminated this will enhance the casting performance of the reel with lighter lures, and allow for longer casts.

The SHIMANO Stella SWB Saltwater Spinning Reel features a hagane body which is metal reel with high rigidity. The advantage of the hagane body is that it eliminates body flexing in no small measure. Thisaffords greater balance for anglers while fishing.At the very heart of the reel is thehagane gear which gives anglers the smooth and pleasurable fishing experience they deserve. The X Protect combines water-repellent coating and a brilliantly designed water channeling, labyrinth construction to provide high-level water resistance without losing its light gear and rotor rotation.

The X protect water resistance job is enhanced by the X-Shield to provide extreme water resistance in the harshest of conditions. The spinning reel cold-forged aluminumspool is designed to provide strength which it does better than both a die-cast aluminum and graphite spool.


  • Simply outstanding for saltwater surf fishing
  • Very smooth drag and powerful reel
  • Beautiful design
  • Perfect for bigger species of fish


  • Not ideal for beginners


Daiwa BG Spinning Reels

The BG Spinning reel is the second product from the staples of Daiwa to be reviewed. This “gorgeous” spinning reel is one of the best the spinning reel market has to offer. Now, let us mind our business of giving you a comprehensive review as we have always done. Shall we?

The first notable feature of the Daiwa Black Gold (BG) spinning reel is that it is equipped with a “Hard Bodyz” Body & Side Cover machined aluminium body and body cover which provides the much-needed strength and internal part stability. The aforementioned strength is manifestly increased in the form of corrosion and scratch resistance. The Daiwa black Gold is brilliantly protected by the manufacturers with an anodized body and body cover.

The anodization process among other things allows for better adhesion to the aluminum and will not chip or peel like a painted surface this has also complimented the brilliant look of the Daiwa BG spinning Reel. This spinning reel also features a Digi-Gear Digital gear design which enables smooth running, and extremely long lifespan. The Daiwa BG spin integrates the largest drive gear in the history of Daiwa spinning reels all in a bid for anglers to experience a smooth, hassle-free fishing experience.

Having tested this product, we can confidently say that this spinning reel performs well in both freshwater and salt water conditions. However, you need to immediately rinse it off after usage in freshwater. The manufacturers themselves did not specify on the kind of water to use it on. You should be careful as you turn the handle to the left; if care is not taken the little screw piece could be damaged.


  • Lightweight, smooth and a superb design
  • Excellent reel
  • Suitable for both salt and fresh water.


  • A heavier drag setting would have been better.


Abu Garcia Revo Rocket Spinning Reels

The Revo Rocket Spinning reels is a relatively new entrant into the Abu Garcia connection this suggests that it is an improvement on the previous versions manufactured by Abu Garcia. It appears there is no limit to the quality high end spinning reels manufactured for stakeholders in the fishing industry this is really advantageous for it gives anglers a wide range of choices to choose from.

The Revo Rocket spinning reel is a rather sophisticated high tech spinning reel which features a 9 stainless steel HPCR bearings in addition to one roller bearing, this provides increased protection against corrosion, and the AMGearing system provides computer optimized machined gears for incomparable smoothness and durability. Rocket Gear Ratio provides fast line retrieval for picking up line quickly during use.

The Revo Rocketspinning line also features a management system which provides better control of all types of fishing lines. Rocket spool lip design provides you better control of line coming off the spool. The Carbon Matrix drag system provides smooth, consistent drag pressure across the entire drag range.

Judging from its look and comprehensive component one might be tempted to think that this spinning reel would be heavy, far from that the designers still manage to make it lightweight, this done by using a C6 carbon rotor which provides significant weight reduction without sacrificing strength or durability.This spinning reel boasts of a whopping 7.0:1 gear ratio whichis one of the best gear ratios in the spinning reel market this does not in any way affect the spinning reel retrieval ability but has insteadamong other things enable anglers to fight fish effectively.


  • Affords ample opportunity to approach the right speed with little effort.
  • Perfect for big species of predator fish
  • Awesome design and smooth turning
  • Suitable for both fresh and salt water


  • The drag system is not well protected from a sealed system
  • Difficult to maintain


Daiwa Crossfire Front Drag Spinning Fishing Reel

The Daiwa Crossfire Front Drag Spinning Fishing Reel is the first spinning reel by Daiwa to be reviewed here. Daiwa is no stranger to rolling out spinning reels, the company rolled out its first sleeping reel in 1955 ever since which the company has continued to roll out quality high end spinning reels.

The Daiwa crossfire drag Spinning Fishing Reel is a further proof that you don’t have to break the bank before you can get one of the best spinning reels in the market. The fact that the price is on the low does not in any way imply that it is of low quality. This spinning reel can conveniently compete with some of the best spinning reels the market has to offer.

The spinning reel features a twist buster system which performs the important role of preventing lines from twisting which can frustrate your effort to have a bountiful catch or if you eventually have one it can make the whole process tiresome. Its spool is made from ABS and aluminum to make for a spool that both lightweight and durable.The gyro spin balanced rotor embedded in the spinning reel ensures that the internal components remained aligned throughout the spinning reel’s life cycle.In addition to the above features, this spinning reel also has three ball bearings to maintain balance, utmost smoothness and easy maintenance.

This spinning reel was awesomely designed to feature a micro-click front drag adjustment which allows you to adjust drag easily with just a click of a button. This makes the Daiwa Crossfire Front Drag Spinning Reel perfect for beginners.

Considering the features of this spinning reel which appears to be basic one might be tempted to look away from it, we maintain that the somewhat basic features this spinning reel possess do not rob it of superb performance. This spinning reel performs above expectation.


  • Perfect for beginners
  • Lightweight, sturdy and durable
  • Perfect for both fresh and saltwater fishing
  • Micro-click drag adjustment of easy drag adjustment


  • Spare spool is plastic


Shimano Spirex FG Spinning Reel

The Spirex FG Spinning Reel by Shimano deserves more than a mere mention as we review some of the best spinning reels in the market. We shall not merely mention this spinning reel we shall endeavor to comprehensively review it as we have done others. This elegantly designed Spirex FG Spinning reel belongs to a class of its own in fact it is one of Shimano’s best-selling S-Concept reels. It features the QuickFire II technology which positions the line and trigger self-centre within the angler’s index finger allowing for an easy cast.

The embedded S A-RB bearings features shields on both sides of the bearings this reduces the possibility of salt or sand entering the bearing’s rotation. This spinning reel features Aluminum Cold Forge spools for increased strength and durability this it does better than the diecast graphite or aluminium or spools.

One of the most outstanding features of the Spirex FG Spinning Reel is its Propulsion Line Management System which uses the propulsion spool design. This spool design has been proven through a series of casting tests to provide longer casting distances than the standard spool lip design. At the same time, it prevents wind knots and backlashes from forming.

The designer of this spinning reel was able to positively alter the speed of the oscillation cam by using an oval oscillation gear all in a bid to provide a consistent spool speed with helps you to achieve a precise casting anytime you use it.

Normal oscillation systems use a constant rotation of the oscillation gear that, when translated to the cam, provides an inconsistent spool speed. This results in line lay that stacks at either end of the spool. By using an oval oscillation gear, we are able to alter the speed of the oscillation cam to provide a consistent spool speed. This results in an even line lay that provides excellent castability and manageability.


  • Retrieve is extremely smooth
  • Handles big game fishing perfectly
  • Reeling in awesomely quick


  • Line accommodation is not enough
  • Itsanti-reverse is not infinite


Penn Battle ll Spinning Fishing Reel

The spinning reel was manufactured by Pure Fishing, Inc. A Colombia, South Carolina based company founded in 1937 that specializes in the design, manufacture of lures, baits and other allied equipment.

First released in 2014 this spinning reel as specially designed for saltwater fish fighting is one of the best spinning reels in the market. Its major components were Crafted from durable materials and packed with fish-fighting features to tackle all species of fish fromthegentlest to the stubbornest. This spinning saltwater reel was designed to undertake rigorous fishing. Your need to catch fish year after year is well met. It features a full metal body, side plate, and a rotor to the five sealed stainless steel ball bearings. All these contribute in no small measure to preventing water intrusion and also to help you have a nice catch and fish fight with perfect precision.

The reel’s HT-100 Versa-Drag carbon fiber drag system leverages both sides of each drag washer to provide maximum drag. The reel also features an instant anti-reverse bearing system which eliminates pullback and ensures that you reel smoothly without interruption. In addition to that, the drag washers are treated with a proprietary grease to ensure top-notch, enjoyable long-lasting performance. This spinning reel is perfect for use with Berkley or Spiderwire Superline. The spool is fitted with a rubber gasket that prevents the Superline from slipping when under pressure. What this means, in essence, is that you can use braided line without thinking of getting a monofilament backing.



  • The drag system is very smooth
  • Solid, sturdy and well built
  • Suitable for both salt and fresh water


  • A bit on the heavy side
  • It is not fully sealed


Advantages of spinning reels.

There are different kinds of fishing reels among which are the Spin cast reels, baitcasting reels, spinning Reels, Surf Fishing reels, offshore Reels, Conventional reels, fly fishing reels, center pin reels etc. the decision to choose between the different kinds of reelscan be a bit confusing. While we maintain that there are no hard and fast rules in choosing the best kinds of reel we must also unequivocally expose fishermen to the advantages embedded in choosing spinning reels. It has been noted by professionals and non-professionals alike in the fishing industry that spinning reels are the most commonly used.As you progress from the beginning of this comprehensive buying guide to the end you shall be left in no doubt that the spinning reel deserves to be at the top of the fishing gear pyramid.Here are some of the advantages of the spinning reel.

  • Spinning reels can throw lighter lures farther, this gives you a wider range of area to fish from.
  • Spinning reels are easier to handle, more versatile in use and are much more accurate in catching small or medium-sized fishes
  • Spinning reels offers much more efficient casting especially across or into the wind
  • Lures under covers such as bushes,docks, and piers are better skipped without nerve wrecking practice and backlashes using a spinning reel.
  • Spinning reels are suitable for all level of experience in fishing whether amateur, intermediary or professional.
  • Spinning reels are suitable for all kinds of water ranging from fresh water to salt water.
  • The spinning lines in spinning reels are considerably longer and this affords to changing spool with just a little effort to get the line replaced.
  • You need not break the bank before acquiring a spinning reel, it is much more pocket-friendly when compared with others that perform the same function.

How to choose the best Spinning Reels 2019.

Choosing the best spinning reel is a different kettle of fish entirely, you need to exercise due diligence and ascertain whether or not the spinning reel you intend buying will suit your fishing needs. You cannot just go to your local or online store to just pick a spinning reel that you feel best rock your boat without taking certain factors into cognizance. As the title of this piece implies we shall shed more light and guide you in your own best interest factors to consider before choosing a spinning reel. Fasten your sick belt as we take you on a trip down choosing the best spinning reel lane.


  1. Type of Water.

There are two major types of water, there are the freshwater and the saltwater. Due to the different nature and chemical components of the two different kinds of water, it is in your own best interest to consider the kind of water you desire to fish from in selecting the best spinning reel. Fishing in saltwater bodies like oceans and seas requires you selecting spinning reels that are of much more higher quality than you would if you intend fishing in freshwater. This is due to the fact that fishing in Saltwater exposes your spinning reel to corrosion which could negatively affect its durability. For fishing in salt water, your surest bet would be choosing a saltwater spinning reel that is made from corrosion resistant materials like graphite, anodized aluminum, and stainless steel.

Like all other things your budget determines the quality of spinning reel, you will go home with. The higher you are willing to pay for your spinning reel the higher the quality of the spinning reels to choose from. It is not our intention to encourage you to break the bank because you want to get a spinning reel but truth must be told that great quality often comes with great price. There are however some nice spinning reels that are of great quality and are also pocket-friendly you might want to consider those especially if you are a casual angler that goes fishing only a few times in a long period of time. If you are a professional angler then buying a high end, cutting edge spinning reel that is on the high side (price wise) is advised. It should just be seen as another investment and as time goes on its dividend is yours to enjoy.

  1. Species of Fish

The species of fish you intend catching most of the time is a very important factor to be considered before selecting the best fishing reel for your angling purpose. Some species are only found in freshwaters this will entail you selecting a spinning reel that works perfectly well in freshwaters, on the other hand, some species are found only in salt water and if that is your target species you might want to consider high end spinning reel with ant corrosive properties.

  1. Style Of Fishing

Anglers have a different style of fishing, some prefer fishing from a boat while some prefer fishing from the shores or river banks. Your style of fishing should be well considered before choosing the best spinning reel for you. If you are fishing from a boat then the advantage of moving around while fighting a fish is yours to enjoy, this would reduce the pressure on the rod, reel and line and on the long run improve its durability. Fishing from the shore or river bank, on the other hand, entails you matching your gears that can take the fight to the fish, in situations like this choosing a stronger rod, a larger line capacity, and drag to hold up and battle the fish from a static position.

  1. Line Capacity

Spinning reels don’t all have the same line capacity, in selecting the best spinning reel it is important that you leave no stone unturned in considering the line capacity of the reel you intend to purchase. Factors such as target species, type of water you intend fishing from, type and size of the line are the key determinants of line capacity. We hereby make bold to assert that you donot need to have a largeline capacity if you plan to restrict your fishing activities in a river, lake or pond. On the other hand, if you intend performing your fishing activities in areas with abrasive* rocks and heavy cover * then the onus is on you to select a spinning reel that has a large line capacity that is heavier, and abrasive-resistant. Additionally, offshore fishing most times requires spinning reel with large line capacity to accommodate the line, you might want to consider that if you intend participating in offshore fishing sooner or later.

Your spinning reel should be the last thing to give you discomfort as you focus on embarking on your fishing quest. In fact, comfortability is a key factor to be considered before selecting the best spinning reel for you. Fishing for a long period of time can be lethargic on its own, you don’t want your spinning reel to contribute to your lethargy. From a long experience in fishing and other allied matters, we have observed that lighter spinning reels are generally comfier to use and afford for better balance whether you are fishing from a boat or on riverbanks.

  1. Size matters

As you might have known size does matter in spinning reel world, it is one of the most important factors to be considered when choosing the best spinning reel for your angler needs. Choosing the wrong spinning reel size can render your effort futile. Using a small or medium size reel to fish large species of fish like the Tuna, Kingfish, and swordfish, for instance, will be disastrous a large reel should be used instead. However, if you are just after small freshwater fish like the Tilapia, catfish and the likes then using a small reel will not be out of place.

  1. Spool configuration.

The saying that variety is the spice of life is very much applicable in spinning reel matters as they come in different sizes, color and shapes. Spool configuration are of various dimension ranging from the wide diameter spools to the deep spools. The spool configuration plays an important role in a spinning reel. They can affect casting distance as well as line capacity. Wider spool spinning reel can hold and recover more lines while deeper spools enable a longer casting distance. In light of the importance of spool configuration, we strongly maintain that deeper spools are much more effective for freshwater or small game fishing while wider spools are best used for saltwater fishing. Make your decision accordingly.


Having reviewed some of the best spinning reels in the market, we make bold to say that declaring one as the undisputed champion is a tough decision to make. This is due to the fact that all the afore reviewed spinning reels perform perfectly well and they all have their own ups and downsides. However, the Abu Garcia Revo S Spinning Reel stands a little shoulder high above others in the same category. The decision to crown this spinning reel as the king of spinning reel is due to its high end cutting edge innovative designs which does not really cost much to acquire. This is in sharp contrast to others of similar features.