Best Hunting Rifles

Ranking Of The Best Hunting Rifles For 2021

The choice of modern hunting weapons is multifaceted: it will find a lover of archaic classics, preferring chicken “fractures,” and a fan of militarist-style, able to spend on improving the assault shotgun the amount comparable to its cost. The availability of permits for smooth-bore weapons, combined with the popularization of practical shooting, has led to a characteristic distortion in statistics: more and more people receiving a federal hunting ticket prefer to shoot targets, hunting without ever leaving. Introducing the rating of the best hunting rifles – according to experts and hunters with experience.

Therefore, you can find very different weapons on the windows of gun shops, from “citizen” army samples to real hunting classics. Which gun is best to choose for hunting is a matter of personal preferences and the budget. So, what would you spend on “green” in 2021?

In this guide, we’ll look at:

  1. The best budget tipping hunting rifles
  2. The best bullet hunting rifles
  3. The best high-end hunting rifles
  4. The best pump-action shotguns for hunting
  5. The best hunting semi-automatics
  6. The best assault shotguns for hunting


The best tipping hunting rifles

The best tipping hunting rifles

MR-27M shotgun

(cal. 12 x76, walnut, trunks 725 mm, interchangeable choke)

Opens our ranking of the best shotguns for hunting work of the Izhev masters of MR-27M.

The double-barrel is usually bought for a long time, and there is a choice: to overpay for the reliability or choose a model with easily available parts. Given that now even Turkish turning guns are slowly but surely approaching the border of the budget class. Guns like Ata Arms SP have actually gone into the “middle class,” the Izhevsky bockflint does not lose popularity: even during the Soviet Union, when it was called Izh-27, it became the record holder for the number of models produced – more than one and a half million.

Many modifications of the shotgun are available – from budget performance in plastic to piece shotguns with rich decorative finish, approaching the price of the well-known acronym BBB. There is a choice in calibers, and variants of the trigger, and length of the barrel. Recently, it is possible to turn the gun into “almost combined” within the framework of a “smooth-bore” license, acquiring a deposit barrel under the caliber. 366 – the one, although called “undone, on the hunt has shown itself well. Well, we will finish the list of assets perfectly studied (unsurprisingly – the model “knocked” exactly 45 years) design.

However, traditionally for Izhevsk, mass guns require attention when buying: there is a risk to meet with pulled trunks, and with curved planks, well, and the diversity of muzzle slice plant and not officially recognized as a defect. The tree is still the same for almost half a century already habitually called “stick” and “paddle” – it fits the gross guns it is bad, and on ergonomics … Okay, let’s not be bad, the benefit of just the amount of “meat” on the bed allows you to fit the gun “under yourself.”

Key pros:

  • One of the most affordable sidelines with a good margin of safety and available spare parts
  • Plenty of execution options


  • Mediocre ergonomics for most shooters
  • Average build quality (“refining file” after purchasing for Russian weapons, alas, the norm)


Gun C’Mallard

(cal. 12 x76, 760 mm trunks, interchangeable choke)

The brand of zbrojovka has been well known to us since Soviet times. Still, nostalgia, in this case, can be frustrating: like most modern budget shotguns for hunting, C’Mallard is made in Turkey, and on the back of the engraving “C-USA,” you can find “Huglu, Made in Turkey.”

Of course, in recent years, the quality of Turkish weapons has grown many times, but to despise the Turks in the arms forums has become as obligatory as the Chinese – on the automobile.

The gun is undoubtedly significantly superior to the Izhev gross rifles in terms of assembly quality and fit. It is said that the Turkish arms industry earns on guns and does not release them as “pre-additives” to the main profile, as we have long been. Therefore, the optimization of production, a modern machine park for Turkish gunsmiths – not empty words, and C Mallard nice to keep in hand: the gun itself has a good hang, interchangeable chooks are embedded on the conscience, and the mechanic works on most guns as it should without the mandatory purchase of a set of superphones. Reservation “on the majority,” alas, is inevitable – in the budget class, weapons should always be chosen with close attention.

Pleased with the attention of the manufacturer to the feedback of buyers: if initially the tree at the gun was covered with soft and easily scratching varnish, now in stores have already appeared Mallard Gen.2 – they have a tree soaked in oil (which, in general, is typical of higher-end guns), and from the old problem of bivalking got rid of radically.

Key pros:

  • Decent build quality and fitting parts
  • Not a bad hang-up, even with long trunks
  • Five Mobilchoke replacement chocs


  • Possible problems with repair and search for spare parts


The best bullet hunting rifles

TC-598 shotgun

Some difficulty appeared even with the name of this category: since formally weapons for cartridges .366TKM and 9.6/53 Lancaster in our country is legally considered smooth-bore, it is, undoubtedly, guns, even if they are not in fact. Well, and the long-strengthened popular definition of “undercut” still sounds to define not serious – so, despite the presence in the “three hundred and sixty-sixth” factory shotgun cartridge, and in 9.6/53 – card, after all, this weapon is unequivocally “sharpened” under a particular bullet shooting, and that’s how we call this category today, at the same time referring to the famous book.

The Tehkrimovsky carbine, the TC-598, produced with barrels of 520 or 600 mm, under the cartridge of the 9.6/53 Lancaster, is nothing more than the legendary Mauser K98, even though it is with an intermediary in the face of the Serbian “Statista” – it is a Serbian-made rifle under the cartridge. 30-06 is reprocessed and refined under a new cartridge. And, let the “original” and has an army past (having passed two world wars, however!), it is among the hunters “Mauser” remains the most alive: this scheme remains one of the most popular in hunting rifles of different manufacturers. A paradoxical feature of the “non-cut” cartridge 9.6/53 is that it not only does not require five years of experience because of the “smooth-bore” status but also turns out cheaper than comparable in power “purely rifled” cartridges while providing good heaping at those distances, wherein most regions of Russia would be on the hunt and used. Therefore, more and more weapons for this cartridge choose not “waits” who have not yet gained five years of experience to purchase rifled weapons, namely serious hunters, getting their hands an exciting version of the gun for hunting a big beast.

The conversion to the new cartridge limited the capacity of the indelible store to 3 rounds, plus one in the chamber. The TC-598 barrel – hung, wrought, with a chrome barrel channel and processed with decent accuracy – add to this a schneller USM and a comfortable nut bed and get a rifle that can accurately hit the beast distances of up to 250-300 meters.

The return of the cartridge 9.6/53 decent – so the regular muzzle brake on the TC-598 is not superfluous. With it, the store does not seem small: after four shots without ear protection in the forest, you begin to realize that active headphones – it’s a great invention: the carbine significantly beats the sound on the sides, so that the echo from the trees returns to the arrow as well.

“Nailing” TC-598 requires surprisingly little: you may have to tinker a little with the store liner, but to cut the Nagel (on the early carbines marked cracks of the bed, decided by the manufacturer to replace the box under warranty – and in the “guarantee” Nagel was already).

Key pros:

  • Efficiency, up to 300 meters comparable to classic rifle cartridges of caliber 9.3-9.6 mm, at a lower price of the cartridge
  • ergonomics
  • Schneller USM
  • In general, high quality (“Mauser” is difficult to spoil)


  • Some “rawness” of the first samples (which, however, “sin” all manufacturers of weapons)


Gun VPO-223

The base model for VPO-223 (which, despite the name, is made, of course, not under the cartridge .223, but under the same 9.5/53 Lancaster, as in TC-598) was another carbine from Vyatsky Polyana – VPO-111. Since it was developed under the cartridge 7.62 x54R, based on the casing of which is made and 9.6/53, the volume of adaptation came out minimal – only the replacement of the barrel with a new Lancaster drill, obtained by the method of rotational forging and at a length of 600 mm having a passport heap of 50 mm per 100 meters – that is, just under 2 MAS. The result is not sniper, but given the energy of the cartridge, hunting needs overlapping.

Carbine ergonomics is traditional for “bolters”: the bent handle of the shutter, the side two-position fuse, which does not interfere with optics on low brackets. There is no third position in which the shutter is unlocked, but the descent is not active – that is, the weapon will have to be discharged with the guard removed. Fortunately, the store is weaning, and it does not have to drive the shutter back and forth all four times: it is enough to discharge only the chamber, disconnecting the store. With its three battle stops and a plunger thrower, the shutter unequivocally refers to the Remington 700 (although the VPO-223 is not a complete constructive copy): another proven design for decades. USM, by the way, is also similar to the “Remington” in kinematics (whispered “vapor” between the drummer and the trigger, falls when moving the upper shoulder of the trigger forward), but also has constructive differences. That did not prevent the craftsmen from coming up with a clone of the “Remington” Jewel, by the way.

To tinker with the carbine, however, will have to: VPO-223, although it refers to “Remington,” but it is not, the typical problems are already well-painted in the 60-page profile topic on the – first of all, it is a weak combat spring, which is often changed to reinforced.

Key pros:

  • Not a bad combination of price-quality
  • Good heap, especially when self-equip cartridges
  • Not bad ergonomics


  • No third guard position for safe discharge
  • USM and shutter may require a sawing – true, moderate


Gun VPO-208L

It’s not always a 9.6/53 cartridge with its four-plus kilojoules of muzzle energy – a good option for hunting: it is clearly excessive for the same wild boar-year-old. Well, then let’s look towards a less powerful with a comparable caliber cartridge .3660TKM, created on the casing of the good old 7.62 x39. The first example of weapons adapted for this cartridge was no less old-kind SKS, which from the army uniform “dressed in a hunting suit” back in the Soviet years.

VPO-208 with a Lancaster barrel is still one of the most affordable variants of weapons under .366TKM and, importantly, has classic hunting ergonomics, as opposed to the dominant in this caliber “kalashoids.” The carbine is not a “new-build” factory; the plant sources are taken from the army warehouses and re-crossed for a new cartridge. Accordingly, for some, it is a “real Soviet quality” to the maximum, for someone – an excuse in the store to carefully look for the stigma of repairs in the art masters of Soviet times.

Be that as it may, “on the way out” turned out quite convenient and effective hunting carbine, affordable. Of course, the “citizen” in the regular caliber of Simonov’s carbine (not to mention the price of a cartridge 7.62 x39) will be even cheaper – but with the notorious five years of experience and other features of owning a rifled weapon. So, while with the “kalashoids” under .366, owners pose in camouflage against the background of the issued targets with a sub-minute heap (among the owners, “sub-minute undercut” has long become a local meme), VPO-208 has long ago, and several appear on photo reports with hunting.

Key pros:

  • Affordable price
  • It is quite a hunting ergonomics


  • When buying is desirable selection on the condition of the “native” iron
  • Inconvenient installation of sighting devices inherited from the “donor.”


The best high-end hunting rifles

The best high-end hunting rifles

Ружье Beretta 486 Parallelo

(Cal. 12 x76, 710 mm trunks, English bed)

Excellent combination of absolutely classic style with modern technology involuntarily asks to change the cans for leather yagdtas and camouflage cap – on a hat with a

pen. Maintaining the traditional quality of finishes and maintaining the style, Beretta simultaneously offers us a cold-necked block of trunks, soldered by the technology of Triblock, providing high rigidity of the connection, lightly removable USM with upgraded V-shaped springs, and a special design of the fuse excludes shots at falls and in “non-standard” positions – for example if you catch a descent when carrying a gun on the shoulder. Choices are interchangeable, Optimachoke HP standards, capable of working without risk with the steel fraction of large numbers. For Russia, fortunately, lead is more relevant, but an extra margin of safety will not hurt, does it?

Hunting rifle of the Italians turned out, undoubtedly, worthy, and at the same time not quite horrifying in price, as top models from the same “Beretta” have already crossed the bar of a million rubles. So, adding a little to the rating from connoisseurs of the classic style, confidently give it the first place.

Key pros:

  • Excellent build and finish quality
  • resource
  • Design and ergonomics


  • price

Sauer Apollon shotgun

(cal. 12 x76, trunks 760 mm)

Perhaps, the brand Sauer in our country will be known longer and better than many, and trophy “Sauer,” especially with “eagles” (branded, put on guns from 1933 to 1945) – the dream of many collectors.

The modern sideline perfectly continues the old traditions of the company – a truly German thoroughness and reliability, which is worth only a branded locking system with four points. Steel manufacturer did not regret – “pulls” the gun at 3.45 kg, largely due to a solid box. At the same time, the gun’s balance is exposed at the right point, although, of course, for running hunting, it makes sense to look at the option easier. And it is – Sauer Artemis, the “female” version of Apollon.

USM is a single-run, with the ability to choose the order of shots. It is possible to adjust the descent effort from 1.8 to 2.2 kg. The mechanism itself works flawlessly.

Key pros:

  • Regulated USM
  • Tough gun locking system


  • Pretty cheap tree at the level of Turkish shotguns


The best pump-action shotguns for hunting

Ружье Remington 870 WINGMASTER

(Cal. 12 x76, barrel 710 mm)

While in Russia, pump guns are not particularly popular on hunting (reflected in their absence in Soviet times, the first civilian “pump,” Izh-81, appeared in stores only in 1994). For the U.S., it is actually a classic. The classics from the classic – undoubtedly, the 870th “Remington” produced in many modifications since 1951 (already more than 11 million guns left the factory).

Among them were pure hunting rifles, including “purely American” rifled barrels of 12 calibers (“deer gun”) and police “shortens,” all flashed at the militants. We will stop at the ringmaster version with a long shotgun barrel and four-charge shop if we are talking primarily about hunting applications.

It makes no sense to describe the design of this gun – it is worked out for 67 years, simple and reliable mechanics, and even cheaper production recently has not had much impact on the resource. The tuning industry for “Remingtons” has worked to get rid of “children’s sores.” In Russia, craftsmen produce many “niches” of quality, not inferior to the American aftermarket, but at much more pleasant prices.

Do not expect from the “rema” exquisite finish or filigree fit – it was, is, and will be a real working gun, old-fashioned weighty thanks to the steel barrel box, and this is in the time of light alloys. That’s why they love him.

Key pros:

  • Simplicity and reliability were proved by everyone, from hunters to the Marine Corps.
  • Affordability and variety of tuning


  • The quality of components and assembly has recently fallen markedly
  • Solid mass
  • “Black” barrel (channel not chrome)


Bekas-12M (VPO-202-09)

(Cal. 12 x76, 3 barrels (bullet cylinder and paradox 535 mm), fractional 750 mm)

A real wagon from Vyatsky Polyana has long earned a reputation as the best domestic pump-action shotgun, and the trim with three barrels will be useful for self-defense (short “cylinder”), and for hunting a large beast (bullet “paradox”), and will not save the pen after the installation of a fractional

barrel. And for this, all the branded “Molotov” prices ask only 31 thousand – even with the twists of third-party stores, the price by today’s standards is fascinating.

The weight of the gun is quite tolerable, that knowing the “Hammer” adherence to the main principle of Boris Brita, even unexpectedly. The design itself is sturdy and does not suffer from pronounced “sores” – all that may have to bend and saw, on profile forums long painted. The trunks are cold-fore, in quality noticeably superior to the Izhevsk. Elsevier is convenient for short-armed shooters. At this moment, many “pumps” are punctured – they have their own hands farther forward, so that here “Bekas” gets its plus to the rating.

For fans of tactical tuning, this hunting rifle will not be the best choice – not only that the tuning for “Bekas” is almost non-existent, and even lengthening the store will require the pollination of the regular knife.

Key pros:

  • Trim trunks “for all occasions.”
  • Strength and reliability


  • The plant does not offer options with a classic “bullet cylinder” – either a shotgun barrel and a “paradox” or three barrels.
  • The average quality of fit – often, for example, you have to refine the mashing


The best hunting semi-automatics

Benelli Raffaello Srio Somfort

(Cal. 12 x76, 760 mm barrel)

Speaking of inertial semi-automatics, it is impossible not to mention Benelli – although this scheme of recharging appeared in the early 20th century on the Swedish Sjogren, Benelli a few decades later that brought the idea of an inertial mechanism to a modern “licked.”

State. And, although it is difficult to compare with the regulated inertial reloading, Italian inertia shows good versatility, “digesting” and heavy magnums on goose hunting and sporting charges on the stand.

“Crio” refers to another signature technology of the Italians – cryogenic processing of stem harvests and interchangeable chocs. A curious feature of such barrels is the use not of a soldered sighting bar, but the installation of interchangeable carbon-plastic, which among other things, allows to reduce the mass of the gun and provide the predicted vibrations of the barrel when shot, and therefore provide a good battle with a bullet without the need for the use of interchangeable “bullet” barrels.

To quickly control the presence of cartridges in the store provided Window System – in other words, a longitudinal groove in the tsev and store. The design is simpler and at the same time effective, but do not test the reliability of the gun bathing in the mud: delays in the shooting will begin.

Key pros:

  • Comfortable return
  • Good fight with a shotgun and a bullet
  • Excellent for inertial gun “omnivorousness.”


  • The carbon-plastic bar seems to many to be less reliable than soldered steel.


ATA Neo 12

(cal. 12 x76, walnut, trunk 710 mm)

Given that the prices of “Italians” in our time are already off the scale “for a hundred,” and cheaper models are produced in Turkey – why not look in the direction of “pure-blooded Turks” who, starting with competition to domestic plants in the budget segment, now confidently registered and on


Neo 12 is an inertial semi-automatic from Ata Arms, a brand that in Russia has become known relatively recently but has proven itself in the best way (and at the same time, hehe, produces shotguns for Marocchi). The gun is one of the lightest in its class, but at the same time has a comfortable return. Of course, the cartridges already feel intelligible – for example, a cheap “Record” which the same gas-draining “Hatsan” with a similar length of trunk digests without problems, on Ata Neo 12 can give a large number of delays. However, it is not necessary to spend more money on cartridges: it is enough to pick up a reliable “self-twist” in a particular gun, the benefit of the barrel here is good, and you can achieve a decent fight at least with a shot, even a bullet.

Key pros:

  • Weight only 3 kilograms, and at the same time a comfortable return
  • Not bad tuned automation


  • Average tree quality


Ружье Hatsan H112

This anti-crisis offer (and at the same time a good kick from the Turkish manufacturer and the Japanese): self-loading is cheaper than 20,000 in retail (i.e., the new one costs the same as the same Izhevsky MR-155 with hands), and at the same time does not cause the impression of a cut ax. The basis of this model – perfectly familiar in our country as a whole and personally the author in particular “Escort,” more precisely, even a few – for example, the Elsevier and steel chrome tube of the store here is not from Escort PS (the most, perhaps, the most popular in our “hunter” family), but from the “tactical” Hatsan MP-A.

There are a few key differences from Escort PS here. The first is in the gas engine: instead of a piston with “authorization,” the moment when the gas from the gas chamber starts to graze depends on pressure, it is used a simpler, with a fixed compression ring. This is a disadvantage to “omnivorousness,” but hunting a hangers gun “eats” normally – magnum is not worth getting carried away with any gun. The second is in the shock-trigger mechanism: to reset the shuttering delay and unlock the lifting tray is not used Fast load on the tray itself (allowing to charge the gun with any one hand, as the tray is released by the very press of the cartridge to it), and installed a button on the right side of the barrel box – it will have to be forcibly held with the second hand to unlock the tray when the equipment is equipped. Actually, this design is taken from the semi-automatic Fabarm, based on which the “Escorts” is designed. There is nothing new in this.

The third difference is the absence of the cartridge compartment in H112, which will not quickly replace the chamber’s cartridge. The fourth is in the tube of the store, which in the “as is,” the state will not allow installing an extension cord (the end of the tube is cavalryman, while Escort PS has enough to remove the strut) – but is it essential to hunt?

In general, the author, owning among other things just Escort PS, can not fail to note that the collected PS is still better than H112. Still, the difference is not so great – but very even the “delicious” price has already provided H112 many buyers, and reviews about this hunting rifle are generally good.

Key pros:

  • The most affordable price on the market
  • The design as a whole is well known. There are no new bottlenecks in it
  • Staff bar for the lantern on the tsev


  • It may be necessary to get a cheap shotgun.


The best assault shotguns for hunting

Carbine Very-12

(performance of VPO-205-03, barrel 305 mm)

Perhaps, only in this market segment, Russian gunsmiths do not have serious competition and are not expected – combining the spent and reliable “Kalashnikov” design with smooth-bore calibers, Izhev designers in due time, as they say, created a

trend. Well, the Vyatsk-Polyansky “Molot,” taking the base, not AK, as the Izhevs with their “Saiga” and the PKK, created “Vepa” – the most reliable and qualitatively collected domestic “kalashoid,” beloved by both “self-defense” and IPSC shooters.

Produced “pig” (as his name is popular) in several trims – from “shortening” 205-03 with a barrel as much as 305 mm long, which when shooting at the expense of a rumble and muzzle flash resembles a pocket howitzer, to a monster “anti-aircraft gun” with a barrel of 680 mm, to which is added a considerable length of the barrel. Especially for IPSC shooters, a sports version of “Very-12 SP” with “factory tuning” – telescopic butt, effective DTC, and other modifications – is produced.

There is a “Very” and branded “highlight” and not very pleasant. We have already mentioned that the principles of Boris Brita on the Hammer are honored and respected. That is why even the short-barreled “pig” weighs more than 4 kilograms with an empty shop.

Key pros:

  • Good in principle, and for Russia – even excellent quality
  • Plenty of a variety of tuning
  • Strength and reliability


  • Solid weight
  • There is no standard “Kalashnikov” sidebar, instead of it – Picatinni bar on the backlash lid of the stem box.
  • Problems with recharging on small awnings in short-barrel models


Saiga-12K Carbine

(Cal. 12 x76, performance 030 with plastic butt)

Created as an exclusive hunting weapon (from where the name – created a carbine back in the 1970s to shoot saiga), “Saiga” more and more confident goes into the niche of “tactical weapons”: the choice of semi-automatics for hunters is now huge, and “kalashoids” as it may be, have a precise ergonomics, and the target audience of buyers has made the word “saigovo” in the environment of hunters almost


In some ways, the current Saiga is even superior to the ancestor-AK constructively – for example, there was a reclusive delay, accelerating the reloading of weapons. However, alas, the traditional attitude of the Izhevsk to civilian products affects: any search engine on request “development of Saiga” will give a kilometer list of operations, which on many guns can not, and even need. In terms of quality, the Izhev “kalashoids” are significantly inferior to the Vyatsk-Polyansky. In favor of “Saiga,” it is only a more affordable price and several design features that facilitate tuning. Yet, having at the base of the AK-like barrel box, the list of compatible weight elements is larger than that of the “Verein” trunk from the PKK.

Key pros:

  • The rich list of previously released and current kits in calibers from .410 to 12
  • Affordable tuning, at least for the needs of IPSC, at least “for the soul.”
  • “Chewed” for many years instructions on “filling.”


  • Traditional for Izhevsk build flaws, making “refining the file” almost a folk custom of “said goods.”
  • To put it mildly, the very controversial ergonomics of “hunting performances.”


What to look for when choosing a gun?

Instructions on choosing a good shotgun for hunting on the Internet a lot and will not repeat all the nuances for the hundredth time. The main thing is to remember that there is no fundamental difference between smooth trunks: with the right cartridge, grandfather’s “tulka” will be no less extractive than the newest Benelli. Therefore, first of all, pay attention to the convenience of the tab, leashes: exactly how convenient a fast tab determines the effectiveness of shooting.

Choosing a design is a matter of personal preference, but it is worth considering the features. For example, if you plan to use a gun for both shotgun and bullet firing, then the “vertical” will be preferable to the “horizontal” – the mixing of trunks in the vertical plane allows the shooting to set only a vertical amendment. In contrast, the “horizontals,” where the trunks “cross” horizontally, will inevitably have to give for both barrels different amendments in the side. Well, a “pump” or a semi-automatic, where the barrel is only one (and many guns in the set has a special barrel for bullet shooting) in this respect, are the most convenient and versatile.

At the same time, the prevailing opinion that the semi-automatic is less reliable than a double-barrelled can be safely considered a prejudice: a good gun on proven cartridges will always work, whether it is at least a fracture, even a gas-draining five-charge. However, keep in mind that the fractured guns are shorter, more reversing at the same length of the barrel. The barrel is easy to check and, if necessary to clean – that’s why on the hunt double-barrels do not lose popularity, because few when you have to make more than two shots in a row, but accidentally scoop up the trunk of snow happened to many.