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best hunting arrows 2019

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But don’t you think before jumping to best hunting arrow list we should discuss its anatomy and different parts

(If you are not interested in its anatomy and different parts then scroll down the table Further I have discussed and reviewed top rated arrows.)

The arrow as we know it today and as you can find it in stores consists of different parts:

Shaft of hunting arrowFletchings of the arrowArrowheadNock of the arrow
It is the main part of the arrow and can be made of different materials. It’s the shaft all other parts of the arrow attached to. The stiffness of the arrow depends on the shaft’s spine, and it defines how much does the arrow bend under pressure.
  they are the “wings” of the arrow that are found at the back of the shaft. Their main purpose is to stabilize the arrow and keep it on the course and are made either of feathers or plastic vanes.
It is the forepart of the arrow, it is what penetrates the target or prey. It can be either a part of the arrow (a sharpened tip of the shaft), but, usually, a separate arrowhead, made of different materials, is attached to the tip of the shaft.
Itis what keeps the arrow in place on the string when drawing the bow. It can be either integrated into the arrow (a small cut) or it can be a separate piece made of different materials(wood, plastic, horn, etc.)

List of best arrows for hunting in 2018

Barnett outdoors carbonCarbon Check Price
Gold tip hunter XTCarbon Check Price
Carbon express piledriverCarbon Check Price
I-SPORT 32" FiberglassFibreglass Check Price
Turkeys featherwoodwood and feather Check Price
Feather fletched eastonAluminium Check Price
Bufflow premium 31"Fibreglass Check Price

 Before preparing this list we have looked following for arrow features to make sure whether it is suitable for hunters or not

  • Arrow spine
  • Weight of arrow
  • length of the arrow
  • Compatibility
  • Safety
  • Penetration
  • Accuracy

(Note: After reviews of the products, we have written in details that how arrows have chosen, if you want then you can read it)

Here are the reviews of top rated hunting arrows 2018 available in the market today.

1. Barnett outdoors carbon crossbow 20-inch arrows 



It’s no wonder that Barnett, being the well-known brand in the world of archery that’s why it is in this list. Their carbon crossbow arrows, compatible with some of Barnett’s best products, Ghost 350, Penetrator, Wildcat C-5, and Jackal crossbows, are made of lightweight carbon and also have thicker walls to improve durability. They ensure the best possible accuracy and target penetration and also come with a 5-year warranty from the manufacturer. With all this in mind, it’s no wonder that these are one of the best carbon arrows for hunting available in the market.


  • They fly straight.
  • Perfectly compatible with many of Barnett’s product.
  • With the fletchings being of very vibrant colors, they’re easy to find.
  • Excellent durability.
  • The fletchings are very secure, they don’t fall off easily.
  • Great value for money.


  • When buying on Amazon several customers reported that they received their package without the field tips.

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2. Gold tip hunter XT arrows




The Gold Tip arrows have been setting the industry’s high standards for years now. Their Hunter XT arrows are one of the most popular ones among many hunters, mainly due to the combination of balance and accuracy at a great value. Applying the Gold Tip 100% carbon technology, these arrows don’t disappoint and are extremely reliable. They’re also available in different weights (from 250 to 500 spine), providing a variety of choices to accommodate nearly every hunter. Each arrow is inspected with a laser and hand sorted to assure that what the hunters get is pure quality from the tip to the 2 inches Raptor vein used for fletching. we can say it is one of the best arrows for compound bow or recurve bow


  • Excellent value for money.
  • Very stable.
  • Amazing speed-penetration relation.
  • Very durable and reliable.
  • High-quality materials.
  • They fly straight.


  •  The color of the fletching isn’t necessarily what it appears on the packaging or the pictures, the colors may vary depending on the production availability, so you can’t be entirely sure what color the fletching on your arrows is going to be.

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3. Carbon express piledriver hunter




It is finest carbon hunting arrow, in words of the manufacturer, it was made for all the hunters who are looking for “ULTIMATE penetration”. When designing the arrow, Built-In Weight Forward, a signature Carbon Express technology, was implemented to ensure the best possible accuracy, while the 2 inches Assault vanes give for extra speed. Each arrow is also laser checked to make sure the shaft is within the +/- 0.005-inch maximum when it comes to the straightness of the arrow. And to make sure that the arrows are as durable as they are, they have a clear coat finish to protect the material and enhance the arrows’ reliability.


  • Heavy and sturdy.
  • Made to assure excellent penetration and power.
  • Durable and reliable.
  • Excellent quality materials.
  • Good value for money.


  • Need to be cut to size.

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4. I-SPORT 32″ Fiberglass target hunting arrowsi-sport

These arrows are the first fiberglass recommendation on this list. They’re excellent quality, and at 32-inches long, it is the one of the best arrows for target shooting and hunting. The manufacturer used the rolling shaft technology for these arrows, making them more enduring and stable, while the regular training tips make every shot as accurate as possible, steady and fast. If not entirely to your liking, the arrow tips that come included can be changed to make the arrow completely your own. An additional trait to take into consideration is that the overall design and materials used to cause a very low hand shock.


  • Stable, durable and reliable.
  • Great accuracy and speed.
  • Customizable in terms of changing the arrow tips.
  • Very low hand shock.
  • Great for beginners.


  • Made to be used with 55-pound recurve or compound bow.

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5. Turkeys featherwood shaft archery huntingturkeys-feather-wood-shaft

For all those looking for a traditional experience of using arrows like those that were used by archers and hunters throughout history, these are an amazing option. Made of white Pinewood and turkey feathers, with an iron hunting arrowhead, and at 33.46 inches long, they fit most longbows and low-power recurve bows as well. For a wooden arrow, they shoot straight and fast and can definitely make a difference in performance of both the archer/hunter and the bow itself. Each arrow is handmade by a craftsman to make sure it is as straight and strong as it can be.


  • Fast and accurate.
  • Excellent materials used – pine wood and turkey feathers.
  • Elegant, simple and beautiful.
  • Perfect for the traditional archery experience.


  • As a wooden arrow, they don’t endure as much as arrows made of other materials.

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6. Feather fletched easton XX75 jazz aluminum arrowsfeather-flerched-easton

Many consider these to be the best hunting arrows available, and for good reason. Compatible with bow weights between 15 and 50 pounds, made of high-quality aluminum and with feather fletchings, these arrows are durable, accurate and fast. They come in 3 different lengths (28, 29 or 30 inches) and the feather fletching makes the aluminum arrow shaft spins in flight, to make it as stable as possible. The nocks are plastic and can be replaced, while the tips are made of steel. And the best thing, they can be used by archers as young as 3, and are not expensive.



  • Great for beginners.
  • Durable, stable and accurate.
  • Trueflight feathers, meaning that the feathers used are of authentic domestic turkeys.
  • The nocks can be replaced.
  • Complete and ready-to-shoot arrows.



  • As an aluminum arrow, they can get dented if they are hit by another arrow or hit a hard target.

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7. Bufflow premium 31″ fiberglass arrowsbuffalo-target-hunting-arrows fibreglass 2019

The last recommendation on this list is the second fiberglass option. At 31-inches long, made solely of high-quality materials, the Buffalo Premium arrows are perfect for hunting, as well as target shooting. They can handle draw weight up to 55 pounds, come with 100-grain replacement arrowheads that can be screwed in and can be used with whichever bow – recurve bow, longbow, or compound bow. They are made with great precision in order to make them as durable as possible. They are also quite inexpensive, making them a great option for those who are just getting familiar with the world of archery and bowhunting.



  • Great value for money.
  • Sturdier than other fiberglass arrows.
  • Great for beginners.
  • Can be used with whichever bow.
  • The arrowheads can be replaced.
  • For a fiberglass arrow, they endure more than expected.



  • As any other fiberglass arrow, compared to aluminum or carbon ones, they don’t endure as much.

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Arrow Types

Traditionally, wood was the main material that was used to create arrows or any kind of projectiles. However, as new materials were found and developed, these were used in arrow production and manufacturing as well. Today we know different types of arrows, which differ from one another based on the material used for the shaft. They each have different features and depending on the bow (longbow, recurve, compound) and the purpose (archery, hunting), using a specific type might just improve the archer’s or hunter’s overall performance.

Wood was the first material used to create an arrow and wooden arrows are still used today, usually by archers who use longbows or recurve bow. They are not recommended to be used with a high-power bow, as wood is not the strongest material out there and can break with too much velocity or power. They are the most inexpensive, but also the most time-consuming to produce and the most difficult to get completely straight. They are usually made with feather fletchings.
Aluminum arrows are one of the most popular choices for modern archers/hunters. They’re stiff and not easy to break, making them an excellent choice for high-power bows. They can be custom made and have a uniform and straight design. Another bonus point is that they don’t splinter, making them safer to handle. They are, however, more expensive than the wooden or fibreglass arrows. To make them as durable as possible, they are made with plastic vanes fletchings.
The fibreglass arrows provide the best value for money when it comes to durable arrows and an excellent choice for those first steps into the world of archery or bowhunting. However, they are among the heaviest arrows and are also prone to splintering, which can cause damage to the bow and can actually hurt the archer/hunter, so they should always be handled with great care. They are also on the heavier side, which can affect accuracy when shooting long distance.
One of the lightest arrows available on the market (currently). Although this is definitely a big plus for some archers/hunters out there, the issue with carbon arrows is that they are not very stiff, and they don’t break – they splinter, making them more dangerous for the bow and the archer/hunter.As attractive as the general features might be, many hunters are taken aback after they see the price tag – these are among the most expensive arrows out there. As aluminium arrows, the fletchings are usually plastic vanes to improve the overall endurance of the arrows.


Choosing Best Hunting Arrows 

As with every other product on the market, there are different qualities of arrows available to choose from and the process of finding the best arrows for your bow and for what you intend to use them for can easily become overwhelming. Luckily, there are a few basic points to keep in mind when considering different options:

  • Arrow spine  for hunting 

This is one of the most complex parts of the arrow to consider. In simple terms, it has to do with how much an arrow bends, both when shot and when at rest. A lighter and very bendable arrow can be dangerous when if used with a very powerful bow since there’s a great possibility of it shattering. An arrow with a stronger spine is easier to tune and also to control, as it doesn’t bend when coming off the string of the bow, although it can’t reach the same speed lighter arrows can.

  • Arrow weight for hunting

This aspect depends greatly on each hunter’s hunting style. For example, if hunting from a treestand, then a heavier arrow made of aaluminumor aluminum and carbon might be a better choice, as it gets more energy from the bow and is, in consequence, quieter. It’s also much more powerful, making sure it penetrates fast and efficient to give the prey a quick death. While, if the hunter prefers to stalk the prey, a lighter arrow gives for more speed and flies in a straighter line, which can be the greatest allies in such situations.

  • Arrow length

The arrow length depends greatly on the type of bow you use and your draw length. With that in mind, another thing to take into consideration is that usually, longer arrows have less resistant spines, while shorter ones tend to have stiffer spines. Many hunters go for the shortest possible length to get the arrow shoot as straight as possible, and some even cut their own arrows. Whichever the choice, an arrow too short for the bow can be very dangerous if not handled correctly.

  • Compatibility

There are some arrows that are made specifically for a certain bow or crossbow, and they’re usually the best choice, as they are made to the specifications of the bow/crossbow in question in mind. It is definitely recommendable to check with wherever the bow or crossbow was purchased if there is a matching arrow that goes with it. However, it’s not enough to know what to look for, but also to understand why it’s so important to find the best arrow:

  • Safety

When handling any kind of weapon, safety should always come first. And, believe it or not, the type of arrow used has a great impact on the overall safety of the archer, the people around and also the bow. For example, when using a very powerful bow, arrows that are too light can easily shatter.

  • Penetration

When hunting the main goal is to give the prey a death that is as quick as possible. With an arrow that’s not strong enough, this can be very tricky because it can shatter on impact.

  • Accuracy

If the arrow is not of good quality or not the best fit for your bow, chances are it won’t be flying in the line you want it to, taking a toll on your accuracy.




Choosing the best and most suitable arrow is not a simple task. The good news is there are many options to choose from, meaning there’s something for everybody, but at the same time, this vast variety of arrows available can make the choosing overwhelming and tedious.


In this article, besides reviewing the types of arrows, what to look for (and why) and what parts an arrow has, we went over a list of 7 recommendations – 7 best hunting arrows in 2018, that will if used properly, improve the accuracy of every hunter. Therefore, taking the time to go over the information available and possibly talk to salespeople and professionals who have experience with using arrows you’re interested in, is time well invested and will greatly impact your overall hunting experience.