10 Best Fishing Rods 2021

Fishing is a ritual: sacred action, a hobby of the whole life of many people. Here we frankly communicate with friends about everything or run to sit alone away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. And it’s especially nice when there’s a catch. The float begins to melt, and the fishing line acquires a pleasant tension. “Komsomolskaya Pravda,” tells about the best fishing rods that can be bought in 2021. If you are a complete beginner, just studying the market and looking for yourself, then look at our expert’s advice on the choice.


Best Fishing Rods 

Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 1-Piece Fishing Rod

Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 1-Piece Fishing Rod

Rod from Latvian brand. Three-column, made of composite. The maximum weight of the bait is up to 90 grams. It’s medium-fast. This characteristic shows how quickly the fishing rod will react to a change in load. The kit comes with three interchangeable vertices of different stiffness so that you can experiment.

On the form – directly to the whip of the rod, the knees are attached according to the OVER STEEK.

Type. type this means that the lower part is inserted into the upper part. On the form, there are rings with inserts SIC – made of silicon carbide. It is believed that they have better thermal conductivity. This is important because if the indicator of this characteristic is low, then the insert will heat up when the fishing line is rubbed, and the design will be damaged. The handle is covered with cork, and the coil holder here is a screw. Generally recognized, these are the most reliable.


Shimano Solara Fishing Rod

Shimano Solara Fishing Rod

This is a budget option for the best fishing rod—beginners who want to try and start looking for themselves in fishing and catching a predator. Firm hopes should not be pinned on it, but it will help to understand how spinnings work. Suitable for a different wiring. It can be fished on wobblers, lures, or jig mounts. The form here is made of graphite. The rings are equipped with SIC inserts.

The structure of the form is medium-fast, but the manufacturer says that it works almost fast along the entire.

Length The handle is made of neoprene EVA. . This helps to cope with all sorts of jerks and jumps of prey. It’s such a soft stretching fabric. At first, it will be convenient, but over time, such material gets soaked, stretched, then dries up and begins to fall off. The coil holder here is warm – it has an overlay not to freeze your hands when in contact with the metal part. There is a nice bonus – a case.


Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Rod 6’6

Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Rod 6'6

The number 60 in the name indicates a maximum length of six meters. Please note that this brand already has models for four and five meters with the corresponding numbers. At the same time, when folded, it occupies approximately 1.25 meters. It is folded due to the telescopic system. It belongs to the class of Bologna rods.

This particular series of float rods with rings that are suitable for beginners and amateurs.

Modular graphite blank is lightweight but robust. The rings are aluminum, but there are already standard SIC inserts. Users note that the model is very flexible and well extinguishes jerks. However, her weight is approaching half a kilogram, so you will get tired of holding if you do not want to peck for a long time. Take a slingshot. Also, not everyone is comfortable with other rings on the whip – the fishing line is confused. But theoretically, they can be cut.


Fenwick AETOS Fly Fishing Rod – 7ft 3wt

Fenwick AETOS Fly Fishing Rod - 7ft 3wt

This rod came out a couple of years ago, but it can be safely included in ranking the best fishing rods of 2021. A famous Japanese brand that manages to combine the production of goods for fishers and bicycles. Spare parts for transport began to produce a hundred years ago, and rods make for half a century. So do not think that this is some by-product of the Japanese. On the contrary, their rods are in demand.

In front of us is a plug spinning “Katana.”

There are more than a dozen of its varieties. It is worth focusing on the numbers in the name. They indicate the length and permissible spread of the dough. The 210 variation is quite popular. Here is a rod with rigid and sensitive forms. However, there are complaints about sensitivity. Calibration was done at the factory casting scales. The handle is made of cork. The coil holder is equipped with tactile control over the bite and wiring—the Japanese boast a stylish design. As for us – nothing outstanding, but it looks concise. Stainless steel rings are fixed on the rod. There are inserts of aluminum oxide to produce the high-quality casting.


St. Croix TRS70MF Triumph Graphite Spinning Fishing Rod with Cork Handle, 7-feet

St. Croix TRS70MF Triumph Graphite Spinning Fishing Rod with Cork Handle, 7-feet

Immediately out of the box, the buyer receives three quiver types – feeder tops. All of them are of the same length and with the same number of wheels but are designed for different power. This best fishing rod has a complex parabolic system. It is pretty rare and appreciated by anglers. The bottom line is that the form bends gradually from above to the rest of the guide. The result is a parabola. This allows you to increase the accuracy of the casting.

Then comes – the part that the fisherman holds on to – is quite

powerful. Covered with a plausible imitation of cork, there are neoprene inserts in a couple of places. Despite the length of the rod, it is pretty light – 230 grams. The hand does not get tired. Included is a velour case. It can be used on heavily overgrown rivers and lakes.


St. Croix Legend Xtreme

St. Croix Legend Xtreme

One of the best options for budget spinning from Korea. This series has a democratic price and characteristics for beginners. It was designed for fishing on wobblers. So if you have long wanted to try twitching, you can do it for a reasonable price. The forms here are thick, made of nodular graphite.

Pass rings, according to the classics, are trimmed with silicon carbide inserts.

Varnished. They were arranged so that there was no overabundance of the braided cord. The handle in two places is trimmed with neoprene, but there is a significant gap in the main body. It is equipped with a good case. Very light – a little more than a hundred grams. Its length is quite average. Suitable for fishing from a boat or in the vegetation near the shore.


Shimano Trevala Px Series

Shimano Trevala Px Series

This rod is called the best for jig fishing, which has its fans. She has a fast build; it is supposed to use small light baits. Forms are traditional – graphite. The fittings here are with SIC inserts, but the manufacturer guarantees that everything is done according to the new concept. However, it seems that there were no complaints about them before.

The rod stands out with a good

Balance. The summit is sensitive, so even the most cautious prey will be noticeable. To make it evident, it was made white. The coil holder is screwed, and the handle is made of neoprene. About its pros and cons, we have already talked above. However, amateur models rarely have anything different. Note that there are three different lengths in this series that you can find in stores: 2 meters, 2.13 meters, and 2.32 meters. The rod firmly holds the wobbler even with a river current.


Cadence CR5 Ultralight Spinning Rod

Cadence CR5 Ultralight Spinning Rod

Tour is a series of fly rods. Sometimes fishing rods from this brand are found under the abbreviation SWD – the abbreviated name of the company. It produces tourist goods, among which there is fishing gear. Casting such is carried out by the appropriate movement. For the casting to be successful and the hatching was comfortable, this rod is endowed with good elasticity. This is achieved by carbon fiber, from which the form is made.

A huge plus of the local telescopic design is compactness.

Just imagine: in the folded state, the tackle is ten times less than the maximum length – 43 centimeters against a total of four meters. The spread of the dough here is from 5 to 25 grams. So it will be possible to go to reservoirs of different scales.


Fenwick HMG Spinning Rod

Fenwick HMG Spinning Rod

This best fishing rod belongs to the class of heavy feeders. Not all companies produce such, but this one has an extensive line. It is believed that it is most suitable for amateurs. It is easy to throw a feeder weighing under a hundred grams for 60 or even 80 meters with such a rod. This is convenient in rivers with an average current or on large calm lakes. The fishing rod can be called robust. Any beluga of 100-200 grams when vyvazhivanie does not feel at all. Individuals up to one kilogram also fly in. The success of hunting larger fish already depends on your skill.

Balance. The most optimal for catching carp and other river fish. A comel connects the knee of the rod to the whip. In theory, this should provide lightweight. As in fact, the fishermen argue. But the weight of all the tackle is relatively standard – in the region of 250 grams. There is a Kevlar braid along the entire length of the form – this adds strength to this feeder. When buying in the case are three different ends, which vary stiffness. Two of them are fiberglass, and one of them is carbon. So again, there’s a lot of room for experimentation.


Piscifun Serpent IM7 Spinning Rod

Piscifun Serpent IM7 Spinning Rod

This spinning is designed for jig fishing. The manufacturer used single-lop diameter rings in the design, which are usually put on expensive models. Therefore, the rod turned out to be so light – 120 grams. This fast spinning build is made according to the classics of their carbon fiber. According to the TYPE OVER STEEK, the knees are connected – we talked about this mechanism at the very beginning of reviewing the best fishing rods for fishing-2021. The cork handle did not spend money and was made of neoprene. But the fact that it was smashed – also recorded in the pluses.

This spinning copes with nimble jerks of

FishThe test of spinning up to 21 grams, but judging by the observations of users, the average indicators are the most comfortable in work. Fish. It is possible to get walleye one and a half to two kilograms without any problems with them. Also, this fishing rod can be attributed to station wagons since wobblers, spinners, and turntables are also not a problem with it.


How to choose a fishing rod

We talked about the best fishing rods, and now we want to share tips. At the request of “KP,” the material was prepared by the Founder of the fishing Internet project BigFishing.infoVadim Klychev, who has been fishing for 35 years.

About types of fishing rods

  • Bologna – 4 – 9 meters long, for float fishing.
  • Match – 3 – 5 meters long, for float fishing, invented in England;
  • Flywheel – the most straightforward rod without pass rings for fishing at high speed and only one tackle.
  • Feeder – designed for bottom fishing with a feeder, an average length of 3 – 5 meters.
  • Casting – the reel holder has a trigger, and the rings are located in the upper part, often used for trolling or in sports catching of a predator.
  • They are spinning – for catching predatory fish using different nozzles, most often imitating fish.
  • Fly fishing – equipped with a fly reel, the bait is thrown by the whiplash movement of the rod.

My transition rod between float and feeder fishing was a Bologna rod. I consider this rod to be the most adapted for the transition to another type of fishing.


What to look for when buying

Fishing is a pleasure. And for this, a rod is chosen so that when fishing, the fish is felt, its slightest movement. If the rod is flimsy, it will break. Too tight – you will learn about the result only after you get the hook. Therefore, the choice of the fishing rod should depend on the type and size of fish in the reservoir in which you are going to catch and the method of its catch.


Price question

I would divide the prices into amateur fishing and sports. For lovers, a good rod can be purchased from 1500 to 4000 rubles. For sport fishing, the price tags are much more significant. For example, for a feeder rod of top brands, you can pay 50,000 rubles. For the competition, athletes take 3 – 5 rods for different tasks.


What material should be made of

Fish can be caught even on a fishing rod from the rebar. But if, in essence, then modern fishing rods are made of carbon fiber, fiberglass, and composite materials. You can buy bamboo, but they are short-lived.

The most reliable – very flexible – are fishing rods and spinnings based on carbon

fiber. Fiberglass is cheaper and not as durable. For trophy fish with him is not worth going. The golden mean is occupied by composite rods. They have carbon fasteners. The more flexible central part can be made of fiberglass. This rod is suitable for amateurs.


About length and ideal weight

Let’s take the feeder rod as an example. If the length is 3.2 meters, it will be lighter, and the casting is closer. 4.6 meters is heavier, but the throw is farther. It all depends on the reservoir where you will catch it. In any case, the rod should be balanced. Such can be considered when the center of gravity is within the handle and as close as possible to the coil.


Is it worth buying with hands or ordering from China?

I do not recommend buying from virtual sites where they sell goods of manufacturers from China. The chance to say goodbye to money is the same as purchasing a used fishing rod. It is better to buy brands of well-known manufacturers that have passed tests and are time-tested. Such rods can be bought in stores and on online platforms. The main thing is to get acquainted with the warranty and return conditions.


Do I need to buy something more?

Depending on the type of rod, you will need to purchase protection for transportation. These are tubes for the tops or protective caps, as well as a cover for fishing rods. Only with high-quality care for the rod will it last a long time.