Best Crossbow Reviews

10 Best Crossbow Reviews 2021

The crossbow is a completely silent and high-precision weapon for hunting and entertainment, created by man in ancient times. Since then, self-shooting has become much better – the use of modern technologies and materials, optical sights, and arrows with laser sharpening have returned to their former appeal.

The review presents the best models of crossbows of the domestic market. The rating is based on the characteristics of the weapons and the opinions of owners who have already made their choice. For the reader’s convenience, the models are divided into categories by the type of crossbow design.


best crossbow reviews

Barnett Jackal Crossbow Package

Barnett Jackal Crossbow Package

A relatively new model in the market of crossbows for hunting (appeared in 2018) has already managed to win the sympathy of amateurs. The layout of the bull-dad allowed to increase the guide boom, preserving the compactness of small arms. This is reflected in the sight-shoots Barnett Jackal Fighter significantly better than previous models.

The hunting crossbow has a comfortable butt and an adjustable tactical handle with rubberized overlays that prevent the weapon from sliding. The initial speed of the arrow is 99 m/s, and the target range is 50 meters. The richest but quite worthy set of the model is represented by an optical sight (4 x32), a kiver, a stretcher, and wax for the string. Also included in the crossbow are 4 arrows made of aluminum. Features of the model, such as protection from idling and automatic fuse, will appreciate beginners in crossbow hunting.


Barnett Whitetail Hunter

Barnett Whitetail Hunter

The affordable price segment and excellent performance characteristics of the Interloper “Styx” block crossbow make the model one of the most popular among Russian crossbow hunting enthusiasts. In the budget segment, it is considered the best, having decent power and accuracy of shooting. In addition, mobile and Viewer’s plank, coupled with an optical sight, allow you to confidently hit targets at a distance of up to 100 m.

The departure of the arrow with an acceleration of 122 meters per second speaks best about the capabilities of this model. At the same time, the standard force of tension (in Russia for crossbows, there is a limit of 43 kgs) can be easily increased to 84 kgs by simply replacing the shoulders with carbon plastic more powerful. Furthermore, the sturdy ABS plastic and guide from aviation aluminum allow the domestic manufacturer to give his hunting crossbow 5 years of guarantee.


Barnett Whitetail Hunter STR

Barnett Whitetail Hunter STR

The top three in terms of the arrow’s speed in our ranking included another American crossbow Barnett Ghost 420 -128 meters per second. High accuracy allows you to successfully hunt the game from a distance of no more than 70 meters. It is enough to use an optical sight. In addition, the package includes a pair of carbon arrows, a kiver, wax, a hand stretcher, and a belt for carrying.

Combining composite materials combined with carbon spray provides impressive reliability and lightness of quiet weapons (3.4 kg for block self-shooting is an excellent result). The handle and butt of the hunting crossbow are more ergonomic than the more accurate aiming. When shot, there are no vibrations, and the force of tension of the string in 43 kg gives the arrow the optimal killing force.


Barnett Whitetail Pro STR

Barnett Whitetail Pro STR

With such a crossbow, you can safely go hunting, where the trophy is a serious predator. In the reverse design (which is unusual in itself), several new technologies are used that have allowed to seriously increase the lethal force of the weapon – the initial rate of departure of the arrow is a record 134 meters per second.

This model has all the characteristics to take the first place in the ranking, and only the price component did not allow it to do so. TenPoint Nitro X is much more expensive than its nearest competitors and undoubtedly has, in many ways, the best performance. However, it is not available for a wide range of hunters. There is an opinion among professionals that purchasing the most expensive crossbow in the USA market can be justified solely by emphasizing the owner’s status.


Wicked Ridge TenPoint Invader X4

Wicked Ridge TenPoint Invader X4

This blocky crossbow is very different from other hunting models and is assembled based on the legendary M16 rifle. It has a tinge, and the butt adjustment is equipped with a sub-barrel bar on which you can install tactical lights. The lack of a guide also gives serious advantages to this crossbow model – it is possible to regulate the departure of high-precision arrows.

Since shooting accuracy on the hunt matters, we can safely say that the PSE TAC ELITE is one of the best models on the market. The crossbow is equipped with a high-multiple sight (3-9 x40), has a level for installation on the horizon, and a built-in winch for pulling the string. Judging by the reviews of the owners of this model, certainly not cheap, crossbow allows you to aim shooting from a distance of about 100 m. At the same time, the initial speed of the arrow is 122 m/second, which makes it the fastest in the ranking.


CenterPoint CP400

CenterPoint CP400

The benefits of this crossbow for outdoor activities or hunting are hidden not only at a more than affordable price. The model is advanced technological processing, once a popular self-shot MK-150. The absence of complaints about the assembly and quality of materials (used carbon plastic, resistant to temperature changes and physical loads) frankly surprises – an unexpected bonus at the budget purchase. Pleased and the quality of the trigger with protection from idling, and the downforce of the arrow has a vibrator.

The speed of the arrow reaches almost 75 meters per second. With such a crossbow on a large game will not go, but it is quite possible to turn the middle or small animals into a hunting trophy. In a simple set comes a stringer, wax, and two aluminum arrows. The layout with the Red Dot collimator sight, the fly, the 4th arrow, and the manual string stretcher looks better and more attractive but will cost significantly more. When buying weapons, not for entertainment and hunting, it should be taken into account that the sighting range does not exceed 50 meters – at this distance, the killing force of the crossbow is quite impressive.


Barnett HyperGhost 425

Barnett HyperGhost 425

The pad of this crossbow for hunting is completely carved from anodized aluminum, which seriously increases its lifespan. At the sighting distance and with a hunting tip arrow has magnificent punching power, defeating a large game. Its speed at shot reaches 100 m/s – not the most modest indicator. In addition, the model has a very comfortable but an inflated cheek, which will more accurately point the weapon at the target.

The smooth descent largely influences the accuracy of the firing – its own development of the trigger Power Touch has determined for the crossbow Interloper Mongoose a good competitive advantage in its price segment. In addition to camouflage coloring and affordable price, users are attracted by a decent set for the “budgeter”: imported optics (4-32), 4 arrows made of carbon fiber, kiver, wax, and manual stretcher. With such a set, you can safely go hunting.


Wicked Ridge RDX 400

Wicked Ridge RDX 400

Good results this sport-hunting crossbow shows at distances up to 60 meters. The initial speed of the arrow is quite good for the budget model from Taiwan – 81 m/s. Picatinny has an optical sight of Noname with a multiplicity of 4/32, which, no doubt, will be useful on the hunt. If you disassemble the tsev, under it will be another bar for attachment equipment – a tactical lantern or

The goodness of this crossbow is striking – despite the availability of price, the owners have absolutely no complaints neither on the build quality nor on the plastic used for weapons. Fixing the string does not allow it to change quickly, but it provides the ability to serve properly much longer. All this has a positive effect on the model’s ability to ensure accurate shooting. Despite these advantages, the model has a drawback – the noise level at the shot leaves much to be desired.


TenPoint Crossbow Turbo M1

TenPoint Crossbow Turbo M1

The arrow fired from this recursive crossbow flies at a speed of 124 m/s and has a high killing power – kinetic energy at sight range reaches 172 J, which allows even to crush bones when hit by prey. Canadian hunting self-propelled shooting is highly reliable and allows hunting for large prey. The system of extinguishing and scattering the shot’s energy allows you to keep the fire accurate and keep quiet.

Owners note the best quality of the string, which is made of the thread CY Dynaflight 97, and the impeccable protection from accidental shots makes it possible always to keep the crossbow ready. Additionally, when moving through the forest or steppe plain increases the chance of successful hunting. Included are a good sighting optics Twilight DLX, a kiver, a hand stretcher, and 4 carbon arrows (training tips).


How to shoot the crossbow correctly? 5 stages

Learning how to shoot a crossbow is much easier and faster than mastering archery. After two or three weeks of daily practice, a person can learn to hit a target located 25 meters away. And to achieve the same result when shooting from block onions, you will have to practice for at least six months. If you adopt a traditional or sporty bow, you will need at least a couple of years of constant training.

The first stage of training is to study the structure of the crossbow and the principle of its action.


1. Preparing for shooting.

In the second stage shots, when the correct rack is produced, muscle memory is developed. Some experienced crossbows sometimes recommend blindfolds to the arrow to feel where and what muscles are involved. Before shooting, you need to choose an area where you do not risk hurting anyone.

Also, take care of creating a target (you can print on a printer or use a piece of paper attached to a tree). Finally, if you do decide to follow the advice about shooting blind – grab a blindfold.

Take gloves – to protect your fingers when pulling the string.


2. Raising and charging a crossbow.

In fact, a crossbow is a mechanical bow with an arrow bed in which the trigger is fixed. Therefore, it is very important to charge the crossbow correctly. If the aunt is skewed, the arrow may fly the wrong way you expected.

To charge a crossbow, you first need to pull the string or see a crossbow.

There are several crossbow platoon systems:

  • Manual
  • platoon lever
  • cable
  • windlass

With a manual platoon, the stretcher is a structure with two hooks and a handle. The hooks capture the string and pull up to snap the string in the trigger to the crossbow handle pull on itself. Finally, the stretcher is returned to the place.

The platoon lever helps to the crossbow with not particularly outstanding physical data. The lever rests the front part in special herons from the sides of the crossbow, and the pushing part – in the string and stretches on itself until the trigger snaps.

The cable is thrown at the central part of the butt with a special notch or on the back of the trigger add-on. Hooks are installed on the sides of the guide to the string. To do this, the weapon is lowered down, resting his foot in the aiming crossbow, and the butt is usually pressed against the stomach. Then take the cable with two hands and lead it to the castle – it is triggered with a characteristic click. Sometimes they do without cable, pulling the string by hand, hooking it with two hands (two fingers – index and middle on both hands).

The winch further reduces the efforts to raise the crossbow. With it, a powerful crossbow can be known even to a child.

After the string is taken, it is necessary to insert the arrow into a specially designed groove on the bed of the crossbow. Now the crossbow is loaded.


3. Correct stand.

When aiming a crossbow, the same rack is used as with a gun. For shooting standing, you need to put the feet on the shoulders’ width, evenly distributing the weight of the body on both legs. Slightly lean against the socks, the torso bend back to compensate for the weight of the crossbow. Turn half-turn to the right about the line of sight (if you are right-handed, and if left-handed – then half turn to the left).

As for the position of the rest of the body, here it is (for right-handed):

  • With his left hand to support the crossbow, with the right to cover the neck of the butt;
  • the back of the crossbow adjoins the right shoulder joint, the hook of the butt’s nape between the armpit and the torso, or semi-adjacent to the chest;
  • cheek on the crest of the butt;
  • the head is held loosely, without a large inclination forward, without straining the neck muscles.

In short, the crossbow is applied as follows: holding the crossbow with the right hand behind the neck of the butt, it is necessary to take the left hand behind the neck at gunpoint and put the back of the butt to the right shoulder. Then press the elbow of the left hand to the chest and abdomen, and lift the right elbow. Then, with a brush of the left hand to support the crossbow behind the tv.


4. Shooting.

The accuracy is affected not only by the correct rack but also by the speed and depth of breathing. It is best to breathe deeply and shoot at half-life. The trigger should be pressed gently, without jerking.

It would help if you also estimated the distance to the target. Again, regular training will help to shoot and develop the experience to determine the distance.