5 Best Compound Bow 2019 : Reviews by Experts !

best compound bow 2019 reviews

Choosing best compound bow was never an easier task and neither it is in 2018,

but do you know that first compound bow can be traced as far back as the 29th century when composite bows were referred to as compound bows?

This use has now been outdated. The first modern compound bow was made in 1966 and is currently one of the most used bows in the United States.

One of the main benefits that one can expect from using this bow is known as “let-off.” It shall be spoken in detail later, but it essentially allows the archer to hold less draw weight is giving the user enough time to aim.

This is especially useful for those who use the bow for hunting purposes. The popularity of the compound bow has brought many manufacturers in the market.

As a first-timer, you’re going to need to be careful to ensure that you get the right bow that meets your needs. we have made a list of top rated compound bows.


Top 5 compound bows of all time: (Best New bows for 2019)

Bear archery cruzerbest hunting bow 2019 BEAR archery

With a draw weight of between 5-70lbs, this bow is good for both novices and experienced professionals alike. The bow has an adjustable draw length and provides a 75% let-off allowing archers of different sizes and stature to use the rig. The adjustable feature of the bow allows for youth/ young beginners to use the bow as they can grow with it regarding size as well as skill level. The weight of the bow at 3.6 pounds makes it easy and light to carry around and shoot. It also comes with some accessories to help make archery easier for beginners


  • It has an advanced grip design

The design of the rig allows for better accuracy of the shot as it helps eliminate hand torque. This keeps the bow stable and makes the shots better.

  • It’s made out of aluminum

The materials used to make the bow lighter to carry. The lightweight machined aluminum makes the bow both durable and lighter which makes it perfect for beginners.

  • It has a double cam system

The cam system used on the bow helps ensure that the archer gets accurate shots. Also, it makes the draw cycle smooth and easy for the archer.


  • It’s durable and lightweight
  • It comes with accessories
  • It provides a smooth and quiet performance


  • It might not be suitable for some experienced archers

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Dimond archery infinite edge pro

Best budget compound bow 2019 - DIAMOND ARCHERY

here is a review of diamond archery bow, it is another great compound bow for both beginners and experienced archers alike. The draw weight for this bow stands between 5-70 lbs. This versatility allows for any user whether novice or professional to use the bow. The bow is based on a dual cam eccentric system that makes the cams synchronized well and provides more accuracy with the shot. The speed of 310 fps is also not so bad for the now and makes it great for hunting.


  • Extended draw lengths

The varied draw lengths on the diamond archery bow make it suitable for both beginners and experienced archers. The bow has draw lengths of between 13-31 inches. It’s meant to accommodate the needs of the different types of archers.

  • It comes with some accessories

The product comes with some accessories that many of its users will find useful when using the bow. Things such as a 3 pin tundra sight and a Hostage XL arrow rest are available to make activities easier for the archer.

  • It has a solid back wall

There are no words that can explain what a solid back wall is. It’s more of a feeling/experience with the bow rather than an action/feature. The user can mostly be the judge of this. There are some people who are a fan of the solid back wall as it helps improve their accuracy and speed.


  • It’s versatile
  • It’s easy to adjust the draw weights
  • It’s quite accurate
  • It’s smooth on the draw


  • The arrow rest is of low quality according to some

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SAS rage  – Best hunting bow 2018SAS RAGE compound bow

Here’s another compound bow that’s meant for beginners. It can be used by those looking to develop their talents in the fields of archery. The bow has a draw weight of 55-70lbs, and this weight can be adjusted by withering tightening/loosening the bolt.

The bow possesses compressed ABS limbs that provide better balance and strength when using the bow. Also, they also help to lengthen the life of the bow. The bow can provide great accuracy thanks to the back pivoting limb pockets. There are no accessories that come with this bow. You only get the bow itself.



  • Max speed of 270 FPS

The bow has an estimated max speed of 270 fps. This stands for feet per second and is how fast the arrow can be shot from the bow. Needless to say at the current speed of this bow makes it suitable for hunting.

  • It has compressed ABS limbs

The compressed ABS limbs on the bow provide some benefits for the archer. The limbs help lengthen the life of the bow and increase the balance, weight, and strength of the bow. They help make the bow durable and efficient.

  • A net weight of 4.4 lbs

Unlike other compound bows in the market, this bow isn’t as heavy. At the weight of 4.4 lbs, this bow is much easier to carry and can be taken for hunting trips. The weight of the bow makes it good and easier to use for beginners as well.


  • It’s accurate
  • It’s good value for money
  • It’s suitable for hunting


  • The unknown manufacturer might be a problem for some

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Genesis original bow – Best value compound bow compound bow reviews

It is an entry-level compound bow, It might not appeal to the seasoned shooters, but it’s perfect for the youth that wants to take up archery we can say its best archery bow for beginners. The product is NASP (National Archery in School Program) approved.

This means that it was of good quality and designed to work for kids as well. The bow has a draw weight of about 10-20 lbs. The draw length of this bow is adjustable thus making it suitable for almost everyone.  The aluminum used to make the product allows for improved stability while still keeping the bow durable and at the same time lightweight. Combining all features we can say it is the coolest compound bow for beginners in 2018.



  • Official bow of the NASP

The National Archery in School Program has approved the use of this bow in schools. In fact, it’s the official bow for the organization. This goes to show the quality that the bow possesses and its suitability for the youth.

  • 6061T-6 aluminum used in making the bow

The material used to fashion this bow can be credited for the durability as well as the sturdiness of the product. Also, the aluminum is designed to provide optimal balance

  • Varying strip lengths

The bow works well for both the youth as well as beginners. This is thanks to the varied strip lengths that make it adjustable depending on the archer


  • It is best budget bow
  • Can be shared among many users
  • It’s great for beginners
  • It’s easy to adjust


  • It’s not suited for hunting
  • It won’t satisfy seasoned archers

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Dimond by bowtech coreDIAMOND BY BOWTECH CORE

This bow is one that’s ready for the shot right out of the box. The rig comes with some few accessories to help the shooter and has a kind of balance between value and performance. The draw weight of between 40 to 70lbs, as well as the draw lengths, are adjustable without the need of replacing the cams. It produces fast arrow speeds and has a beautiful smooth draw to it.


  • It comes with an R.A.K. package

The arrow comes with an accessory package. The R.A.K. stands for Ready Aim Kill to signify that the bow is ready for use right out of the box. The components on this bow are already present and make the product ready for use right out of the box.

  • 313 fps speed

The bow can shoot arrows up to speeds of 313 feet per second. This kind of speeds makes the bow very suitable for activities like hunting

  • The draw length and weight are adjustable

The adjustable rotating modules in this rig make it easy for the user to adjust the draw weight and draw lengths to their desires. This feature allows the archer to do this without having to replace the cams.


  • It’s light and compact
  • It provides accurate shots
  • It has a good look to it
  • The draw is smooth


  • The arrow rest is poor

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Why should you prefer compound bow over Recurve and crossbow?

(Recurve bow vs Compound bow vs  Crossbow)

The compound bow provides its users a number of benefits that make it superior to the other kinds of bows. Here are some of the reasons why you should get a compound bow:

  • The cams of the bow allow for the let-off effect

Cams are a part of the compound bow. They are the big wheels located at the end of a compound bow. The designs of this component allow for a phenomenon is known as the let-off effect to take place.

The let-off is normally 65-80% of the draw weight. It’s the events that occur when the cams are completely rolled over. The let-off effect allows the archer to draw the string and get to the draw weight without having to pull the string too far back. This gives the archer the advantage of having more time to aim so as to hit the target. This is something that you won’t find with other types of bows

  • It’s easier for beginners

The compound bow is much easier to learn for a beginner than when compared to the other types of bows. When compared to the traditional bow, the compound bow doesn’t require much in skill or strength due to the accessories it has on offer. Even though some practicing will be needed when using the bow, many will agree that it offers better accuracy and speed for a first-timer than when compared to traditional bows.

  • It can handle the elements better

The compound bow is not necessarily made to look good. It’s because of this that it’s made of materials such as aluminum and carbon. This makes this bow sturdier and able to handle tough terrains and the elements

  • More accessories

The compound bow can be compared to a machine as it’s made of many different parts that work together to make the bow more efficient. The beauty of this bow is that one can accessorize it. This is especially true for beginners who can add extra components to make archery easier for them. The same can’t be said about traditional bows.

  • Better power and accuracy

The compound bows deliver much better power and accuracy when compared to the traditional bow. This is mostly due to the let-off effect and longer strings. This makes it easier for the user to pull the string back further to generate more power. In addition, the less need for power allows the archer to take more of his/her time to aim at the target.


Choosing best compound bows of all time

in 2018 (Detailed Buyer’s Guide)

  • Purpose of the Compound bow

To get a bow that works well for you, one needs to know what they are going to use the bow for. These types of bows can contain soft cams or hard cams. Each one works well for a particular type of archery. For instance, a hard cam bow is well suited for hunting as it can shoot bows at great speeds. Knowing the purpose of getting the bow, be it for hunting or target practice can help you get the best compound bow that’ll suit your needs.

  • Portability of the Compound bow

When going for a compound bow, always go for one that you find the light. These bows aren’t light, but neither are they heavy. The materials used to make compound bows allows for them to be smaller and easier to carry in thick terrains or during hunting.

  • Speed of the Modern bow

The speed at which the bow can shoot the arrow should also be put into consideration. The different types of cams in compound bows play a role in determining the speed. The activity that you’ll use the arrow for will also determine how much speed you need. To get the right bow, you need to ensure that you get the one with the right kind of cam and accessories for the activity that you’ll partake in

  • Draw weight Of The Bow

The draw weight should also be considered when looking for the best compound bow. The draw weight is the maximum amount of force used to draw a bow. The bows with higher draw weights are more preferred for activities like hunting as they can make more damage due to their draw weights. The advantage with the compound bow is that the string doesn’t have to be pulled back so far to reach the desired draw weight.

  • Grip options in compound bow

The grip of the bow is one that shouldn’t be taken lightly for an archer. It helps with the aim and is vital for the perfect shot. The compound bow that you choose to get should provide you with multiple grip options. This is more the case for beginners as it’ll help familiarize you with the bow itself.

  • Quality and Brand of the bow

The quality of the bow should be considered before selecting it. This ensures that one gets a bow that is durable and in good shape. Most of the compound bows are made out of aluminum and carbon, so be sure to check for this when researching for a bow of this kind.

There are few compound bow brands in the market like GENESIS, DIAMOND ARCHERY, and BEAR ARCHERY, these brands are known for its fine, quality and accuracy of shooting.

  • Price

Quality always comes with a price. A good compound bow will surely cost you some money. Not all of these bows are expensive as some bargains can be found online. The best bet is always to go with well-known brands as one can never fail with those.

Frequently asked questions

What is best brand of compound bow in 2019?

Below are the top brands for compound bow available in the market today

Genesis original

SAS archery


Dimond Archery

Bear Archery


What is the best bow for 2019

Bear archery Cruzer is the best bow for 2019


What kind of bows is used in Arrow?

Compound bows are used in arrow, but we can see crossbow and recurve bow as well in few places o basically all three major bows are used in arrow tv series




Conclusion for top compound bow in 2019

Compound bows are popular as many beginners prefer to use them. There are many different kinds of compound bows, but in this review, we picked what we viewed as the best compound bows. Some of these bows are great for beginners, while some are good for both beginners and seasoned archers. Compound bows are great mostly because of how the components work together like a well-oiled machine-off let off is also a plus for many as it helps make the draw smooth.

For a beginner’s it’s best to always go for a bow that is labeled as an RTS package. This is because the bow will be ready to shoot right out of the box. It will come with an already tuned bow and extra accessories. This means for you; there is no need to do much. All you need to do is adjust the draw weight and length to your preferred dimensions, and that’s it.

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