Best Compound Bow

10 Best Compound Bow 2021

Welcome to crawlingmonkey! This time, we will review the best bows that we can find in the market. Bows are a weapon that consisted of a wooden staff in its beginnings. However, it can also be made of metal or an elastic material, which can be bent and held in tension by a string.

The bows use as projectiles for the arrows, a thin wooden shaft with a feathered tail at one end, while in another, it has a tip that may be made of flint, stone, metal, and other hard materials. Depending on how fast an arrow can pass through soft metal armor.

In crawlingmonkey we want to offer you all the necessary information to acquire the best bow according to your taste and budget. We’ll show you everything from the basic specs to the highlights of these weapons; so you can know which are the best bows that can be purchased today.


Best Compound Bow

There are many bows on the market today. This is because this instrument, over the years, has transformed from being a weapon of war to a sport that has gained followers all over the world. As a result, many brands have bet on the manufacture of the arches, which is why in, we present the best 5 bows of the moment.

Bear Divergent EKO

Bear Divergent EKO

This compound arch is from one of the most recognized manufacturing houses globally; this means that you are buying reliability and quality in the same product and at a reasonable price for those who start in the sport. In addition, this bow comes in right-handed and left-handed versions, and its arrows can reach 315 feet per second (FPS).

The Bear Archery arch allows being adjusted to the point that it is ideal for those who do not know their measurements or their preferred weights in this equipment. Among the most outstanding features are the 4-pin sight, the wristband, the stabilizer, and the chime, in addition to its weight of just 1.5 kilos approximately.


Hoyt Axius Alpha

Hoyt Axius Alpha

A compound arch that takes care of every detail until it becomes an exceptional piece of hunting. Its projectiles can reach 310 feet per second and have a configurable weight of 2.2 kilograms. At the time of purchase, this includes 3-pin sight, chime, arrow rest, and rope damper, just enough to go outside.

The Infinite Edge Pro is one of the most flexible arcs available on the market today. It has proven to be extremely popular with beginners and archery professionals; because it has 3 different adjustment settings, making choices for young shooters and women.


PSE Archery Full Throttle

PSE Archery Full Throttle

This traditional arch is considered by many to be legendary. There are few, however, there as legendary as the Bear Super Kodiak. This is because he is from the company of the hunting legend with Fred Bear. Made of hard rock maple wood with a length of 153 centimeters from end to end, this arch is ideal for right-handers.

With a weight of 4.5 Kg, it is ideal for those who want to invest in an arch that will last several generations, unlike many cheap recurves that can soon break or wear easily.


Quest Forge DTH Compound Bow Package

Quest Forge DTH Compound Bow Package

Bear Archery’s Super Kodiak escapes your budget. But, it doesn’t matter because the Samick Sage can take you hunting at a much lower price. This traditional bow comes in versions for right-handers and left-handers and is made of fiberglass and wood that is 157 cm is light to carry.

Among its advantages is that the arch is detachable, making it easier to pack and transport, plus you can swap its parts with compatible ones so you can customize your bow to your liking. In conclusion, this arch turns out to be economical and an excellent choice for beginners or on a low budget.


Mandarin Duck Nighthawk

Mandarin Duck Nighthawk

Predator Archery’s compound bow has amazing precision and power. This arc is swift and precise and presents solid and durable manufacture. It is versatile, flexible, and relatively easy to install. It also comes with good quality accessories to use immediately at an affordable price for anyone.

Among its best qualities is its flexibility, its stretching cycle is smooth, and it has amazing maneuverability that makes it an excellent choice for bow hunting. If a negative, however, a font must be given, it has faults with the cable protector, which are solved by verifying that the screws are tight.


Shopping Guide: What You Need to Know About Arches

A man, from the beginning, has made use of bows to survive and defend himself for millions of years. However, ever since the first bow and arrow emerged in history, every generation has looked for ways to improve it, to the point that nowadays, there are many types of arches you can choose from.

For years the practice of target shooting has been present in the use of bows.


What is Arcos, and what advantages does it offer?

Bows are weapons that use arrows that travel at high speed to a given target. These teams are composed of 2 elements: the bow itself and the arrow. The bow design consists of a wooden staff or other material that is elastic enough to be bent and held in tension by a string. On the other hand, the arrow is made of wood or another material that is both resistant and light. It is one of, In addition. Its tips incorporate a feathered tail that functions as a spoiler, while the other incorporates a sharp tip made of stone, metal, and other hard materials.

Did you know? At present, the practice of archery is mainly focused on a sport?

To use a bow correctly, you must adjust the rope by a grimace located at the back of the arrow. The rope retracts until enough tension is produced so that when it is released, the energy necessary to propel the arrow to its target is produced.


  • Improve concentration
  • Sharpens reflexes
  • They allow toning the arms due to the effort that is made
  • Develop a better balance
  • Provide greater resistance to climatic factors
  • They are silent


  • They are weapons and, if not handled carefully, can lead to death
  • They can lead to injuries over the years
  • By requiring a lot of force, they can cause fatigue in the arms
  • They are expensive


Recurve, Composite, Traditional, and Crossbow Arches What should you pay attention to?

Currently, there are 4 models of arches. The competition-bows used in target shooting competitions, the traditional ones that are the simplest, the compound bows that have a group of pulleys to tighten the rope in an easier and faster way, and, finally, the crossbows that have a design similar to that of a rifle. They offer their advantages and disadvantages; some are made to recreate the first arches man used, but with modern components. There is also equipment that is made with precision engineering to be precise weapons for survival.

Recurve arch. Made of fiberglass, wood, or wood laminates, this type of bow is used in the target shooting competitions at the Olympic Games. Its construction is simple and easy to use, especially for beginners. This bow can. Moreover, this arrow quite far away due to its physics.

Compound Arch. This arc has cables, pulleys, and a leverage system so that the shot is done quickly and accurately. However, it can be difficult to shoot because it takes force to pull the arrow back and aim before the shot. In the arcane addition, moving parts requires maintenance so as not to lock.

Traditional Arch. This is the classic arc by default. Its design consists of 2 simple pieces: a string and the bow itself. This bow can be used both for hunting and archery competitions. However, pulling tires the person to make force since it does not possess a mechanism aid.

Crossbow. With a design similar to a firearm, the crossbow is used in archery competitions and hunting. However, this model differs from the other bows because it has a trigger that must be fired to release the bolt’s rope and arrow. This is the, therefore, this type of bow to shoot.


Composite or Traditional Arc, which one to choose?

Here it will depend exclusively on your desire to learn in-depth the science that hides the use of a bow. Compound bows or crossbows are for those who want to shoot one of these pieces of equipment because they are easier to shoot and get, even in motion. Now, if you want a challenge and want to enter the world of archery, traditional or recurve arches are the best option. However, using these models requires you to know all the previous steps before shooting. In addition, you must make a greater force to tension the rope and aim not to have a pulley system.


How much does an arch cost?

There is a market for arches. Whether for competitive use or to hunt, this equipment can become very expensive if we consider the accessories that can be incorporated as sights and carry arrows, to name just 2 of them. We can find arches between the range of 1,200 MXN to 24,000 MXN approximately, depending on the brand, the quality, the type of arc, the material with which it is manufactured, and accessories that can include if it includes since there are brands that sell them separately.


Where to buy a bow?

Getting a good bow can seem like a difficult task if you don’t know where to look. Nowadays, the market offers several options to get the bow that we like the most and its accessories. You can visit the hunting and fishing shops such as La Leyenda Alcampo Caza y Pesca, Aventurando, or Browning have a wide range of arches. Another option is to visit department stores such as Liverpool or Sears in their sports departments to get various bow brands, especially for teenagers who start in this sport.

Finally, on the websites of, Mercado Libre, or eBay where they will have at their disposal a wide range of brands and models of arches, as well as their accessories that can be adjusted to your needs and budget.


Purchase criteria

As we have mentioned in this article, there is a wide variety of models in the world of bows, and maybe you already know something about them, and now you want to dabble fully into this sport. But before you go hunting, it is important that you know certain factors that will make you enjoy, even more, using one of this equipment.

In, we want to show you what you need to know and what you should keep in mind to buy the best bow for you. No matter its origin, we assure you that an arch will suit your needs somewhere.

We will thoroughly develop each of these points to know the best bow you can acquire according to your needs and budget. This way you will be more sure that you will enjoy this sport to the fullest.



Knowing what sport you will practice is fundamental to know what type of bow you should buy. As we have developed throughout the article, there are 4 types of bows: recurve, composite, traditional, and crossbow and each bow are designed to be used in hunting or the target shooting competition.

Arcs of competition. The recurve and traditional arches are the ideal teams to practice target shooting since they are the teams with the approval of the archery committees and the international Olympic committee.

Hunting Arches. If you want to use a bow to practice the sport of hunting wild animals, your best option is to acquire a compound bow or a crossbow since they have the fire code and greater penetration than the competition models.


The Opening

This means the distance between the handle and the rope when we tension it. Knowing what opening we need is vital if we choose a compound arc since these do not have the possibility of opening once the maximum opening they have is reached. To change the opening, the pulley system must be replaced.

In the case of recurve and traditional arches, the theme of opening is less critical because, in this case, we must feel comfortable trying to stretch the rope to make the shot. There are different ways to measure the aperture. We need to use an arc.


The Materials

Nowadays, bow manufacturers offer equipment made of a wide variety of materials that allow them to be more resistant and lighter for the practice of sport. Among the most used materials to make an arch is wood, carbon fiber, aluminum alloy.

Wooden arches. It is the traditional material par excellence in the manufacture of traditional and recurve archers. Practically any wood that is strong and flexible is ideal for the construction of this equipment. Among the most used woods are oak and bamboo in the case of Asia.

Carbon fiber. It is a fabric of great resistance, durability, and flexibility. It is marketed in the form of felts and fabrics. The arches built of this material are light and easy to manipulate. In addition, we can find recurve, traditional and composite arcs built-in carbon fiber.

Aluminum alloy arcs. This material is used in the vast majority of compound arcs and crossbows thanks to its low density, corrosion resistance, flexibility, and lightness. In addition, the vast majority of arrows are made of this material.



Another point to take into consideration when choosing an arc. To know what is the power that is not convenient is to try to open different arcs to different powers. Now, if we don’t have this option, we’re best to start with maximum power arches of 50 pounds for men, 35 pounds for women, and 20 to 30 pounds for teens.

In the case of composite arches, we must ensure that these can be regulated in a wide range and that allows us to pull at low power at the beginning to increase as our physical capabilities allow these are regulated by turning the screws that fix the blades, with the precaution of never releasing more than six turns from the maximum tightening to avoid accidents.



There is a wide range of accessories for our arches. Depending on the model we have, we can acquire them according to our needs and budget since these can be very expensive. Among the most common cases are store equipment, arm protectors, ropes, cours, daughter.

For composite arches, you can buy different accessories. Among the most common, we can fin, stabilizers, visors, resting arrows, peep, trigger, and loop the twill maktoipment a total hunting machine.

We can incorporate accessories such as stabilizers, visors, peep, triggers, loop, resting arrows, and grips for a recurve bow. The aforementioned accessories are allowed during target shooting competitions.

In the case of trches, these maintain a purity, which is not common to see accessories in the arch itself. What can be found is that the user wears arm protectors and chis to carry the arrows.