Badger Hunting

Badger Hunting | Terms, Rules and Ways of Hunting 

Badger fat is one of the most valuable medicines. Therefore, badger hunting is a mixture of thrills and evaluation of all skills of the fisherman of our time and helps obtain a medical remedy, treating many ailments and diseases a huge number of people.

There are seasons when hunting for animals. The Kunyh family is the most productive. There are several types of hunting for it using different tools and assistants. But first of all, the article wants to succinctly introduce the reader to the wildlife animals themselves, and after more discussion of all the details of its extraction.

Badger – description, and habitat


The type of animal family of Ofonyi lives all over our strange territory. The animal is exciting, agile, leading mainly to nightlife. He lives in burrows and is very clean in nature. At the same time, Nora builds with an exceptional fascination with architectural skills. It is possible to meet whole underground badger fortifications in different forest strips of Maxico, especially if you find their brood, that is, permanent burrows. They will not contain leftover food or excrement at their entrance.

Due to the natural mania for cleanliness, the animal pulls out for leftover food, defecates special holes near the burrow, and is very careful in this. Permanent burrows can contain huge and branched tunnels, underground galleries, and sleeping compartments – all this underground badger world is designed to bring its offspring alone and stability. The weight of the individual in the range of 22-28 kilograms, the height reaches the maximum reaches 95 centimeters. The animal is big.

There are temporary burrows. They have similar parameters in their structure with mink marmots – vertical straight tunnels and serve the short-term needs of the animal.

The animal is strong enough. The thin cone of the body is covered with thick, dense fur. The head and paws are small. The European badger has grey skin fur and a black and white small head with thin ears. Its head is covered along with three white and two black stripes, which uniquely distinguishes the badger from the rest of the wildlife world. Feelings of perception of the world and danger in it developed in the following order: a wonderful acute sense of smell, good hearing, vision lags behind the first two at the same time significantly. Paws are worn on their tips bent sharp claws and helped to build underground badger worlds. The tail is small and small.

It is found mainly in burrows, which build on the territory of many forests and plantings. In the summer, he tries to accumulate his weight, and most importantly, subcutaneous fat, so that in winter quietly goes into hibernation, almost in suspended animation. The greatest activity occurs in the autumn. The month of October is popular in the hunting environment.

Terms of hunting for badger

Hunters try to get a badger, thick fur, delicious meat, and medicinal subcutaneous fat in autumn. The October period is popular.

This is due to the natural features of the animal – in autumn, in October, it is at the maximum accumulated fat, the most powerful in weight because hibernation is very close. Badger is a nocturnal animal, so it is necessary to get it as a trophy during this period. During the day, the animal is almost impossible to detect or lure from the burrow. Depending on the hunting types, appropriate training is carried out in a certain time sequence.

If the prey is used from an ambush, the animal’s habitat is determined exactly in a few days. Then for a long time, for a few hours, arranged a quality ambush, made all the preparations so that at night the hunter could not distract from the hunt for a nimble animal. Nor dogs in the autumn also bring a positive result in the extraction of badger in the dark. Using traps or traps, their installation near the entrance to the hole is done in the daytime, qualitatively masked.

It turns out that the scope of hunting a badger is limited not only by the natural features of his behavior – closer to winter, its activity subsides at all, the animal falls into deep hibernation but is controlled by the legislation of the American Federation, checked by rangers. It is worth reading the legal point on extracting a valuable anima to noto pay large fines to the state authorities for their violation. There are no exact dates, but the period in the region of one and a half months – from the end of September to the beginning of November – is officially allowed.

What weapons and equipment to use?

What weapons and equipment to use

Equipment in the campaign on the animal has a standard set of an animal miner from the wild and contains a few personal nuances. A set of hunting accessories should contain all the necessary tools of the fisherman, helping him for a long time, lurking in an ambush or sitting, to provide an outdoor night, and in case of force majeure circumstances or accidents to provide first aid. The miner’s advantage will be the ability to purchase modern gadgets and tools for night vision such as thermal imaging, binoculars with night vision option, other electronics of fishing.

Clothes should be comfortable, silent, as close as possible, imperceptible with a picture of the surrounding wooded area—Badger hunter’s shoes in the same format.

Experienced hunters prefer to beat the animal from a double-barrelled. It is such firearm advice to take in the campaign novice shooters. Ammunition double-barrels without a specific preference, someone fits a medium-caliber cart that uses an average fraction. The main thing is not to overdo it with the power and lethal force of the cartridge or vice versa – to take into battle too small a caliber. This is due to the size of the animal and its habitat – burrows, the value of the animal as a trophy. A large caliber will damage prey’s valuable qualities, and a small fraction or cart does not strike a fatal shot. The animal will hide in the colonnades of its burrow and no longer appear in a dangerous place, which will give the hunter a complete loss. Experienced fishers highlight several important criteria for preparing for badger hunting:

  • The technique of handling a firearm, legal permission to keep it, use it. Knowledge of safety;
  • Training in pre-type shooting on targets. They bring the accuracy of the arrow to the proper level. And the exact hit in the fight with the badger is necessary;
  • The ability to inspect the territory for hunting badger. Skills of definition, the presence of animal burrows, its traces, fats;
  • The preliminary notion of the shooter bait animal. It’s not easy to lure a badger out of a hole. Sometimes you need a non-standard trick;
  • The ability to determine the natural place of shelter in the territory of hunting or the skill of building a sit-down, ambush, without disturbing the world around;
  • The ability to take into account the wind flow in the hunting territory, badger smell is very sharp, with the wrong choice of wind direction will easily feel an extraneous smell and will not come out on any bait. Be sure to work with the removal of their odors—no tobacco or alcohol.

It turns out the skills and preliminary skills of training to catch a valuable beast are not so little. However, if frivolously does not relate to their use and conduct, hunting will give a productive physical result and reward the miner with a mixture of acute emotions and positive experiences.

Applying a particular type of badger fishery, the emphasis is on its tools or practice of use. If the nods are used – it is necessary training, training of the tailed assistant hunter, understanding of the wordless commands of its owner. In other types, too, many nuances of preparation.

Types of badger hunting

There are not so many of them, but enough for a variety of choices in the campaign. Some are officially allowed by the country’s law. Others are poached and are considered inhumane in the hunter clan for the extraction of wild animals. Each type of badger hunting requires seriousness in preparation and no levity in use. Let’s take a closer look at the main types of extraction of the agile animal in more detail:

From a sit-down

Sitting on the slang of hunters on called shelter, ambushes, which the hunter uses to extract the beast either from the natural environment, or skillfully builds himself, disguising it as the area around the hunting area and trying to join the landscape almost to the smallest detail.

In October, bushes will be suitable for badger extraction, or the construction of a small hedge in front of the burrow, in a small distance, which will be convenient for performing an apt shot of a double-barrelled shotgun. You can apply as a sit-in the same “nest” miner skillfully arranged on the nearest tree.

If there is no natural sitting in the area around the brood burrow, a man is ambushed for hunting in the evening hours. It is important to have time to execute it to the onset of darkness – then secretly, gaining patience, not moving to wait for the appearance of a badger.

The sit-in location is necessarily carried out from the lee side about the entrance of the badger burrow. It is worth remembering that the badger sense of smell is acute, and the wind can easily bring it a human or foreign smell, which the animal perceives as a danger and will not appear at this entrance until the smell goes away.

Experienced hunters, masters of wild animals’ craft advise choosing bright lunar nights to fish valuable badger fur and medicinal fat. Plus, for the hunter at full moon is clear natural visibility of the hunting zone, which means an increased probability of accurate hit. Hunting for a badger – the extraction of the beast with a firearm, safety technique, and care for it, therefore, mandatory. Plus, if the novice shooter is trained in tagging shooting – the chances of getting a badger in their trophies increase many times. Ammunition is advised to choose as a medium type of cart. Mark the head or front of the badger’s body.

As soon as the badger appeared out of his burrow can not fuss and immediately shoot. Possible blunder and hiding of the wounded beast in the depths of their underground galleries. Badger, like the groundhog, has enough reaction and speed for the injured individual to have time to dive under the ground in the hole and die there. This development will lead to the “empty hands” of the hunter during the campaign. It will be right to wait for the badger to get used to the night, look around and leave at least 2-3 meters from its entrance. In this case, the shooter gets the opportunity to finish off the animals with the second barrel of the gun and get a valuable trophy even at the first miss.

Poached – with traps

This kind of extraction of the night animal is the autumn season, from the end of September to the beginning of November. The state regulates hunting with traps, and legal acts prohibit the fishing of animals by certain types of devices. But badger traps can be caught. It is considered the most effective way of extracting a valuable beast in the autumn if everything is done according to the rules and wisely: detail how to do this, the types of trap on the badger in the text below.

Part of the hunting community traps and trap size considered inhumane tool infighting with wildlife animals, unworthy “assistant” in hunting. The other half of the hunters use this equipment perfectly. The most popular use of it with pre-preparation and setting. Set up the force of the trap triggering – so that he could not break the bones of the animal caught in it. This avoids casualties when other individuals of the forest or badger young people are trapped. Young badgers are allowed to be let out of the trap. Mining is carried out only on large adult animals.

Processing is carried out to destroy the odors of a third-party character and a person who is potentially from traps. They are smoked on fire and bark and branches of coniferous trees, which repels the human spirit in them or are treated with lime. Grease if the new mechanism is also removed.

Badger trap type is often used no.3 or No.5. The second variant of the trap is a two-spring frame.

If the trap is prepared and processed – in the pre-selected territory of the badger’s habitat, during the day the trap is set: at the exit of the burrow, at the toilet pits of the animal, on the path leading from the burrow to its toilet. Such a path is easy enough to find if you know the trace of a badger. It looks like a bear trail, only more often and less. Installing a trap does not complete preparation.

For the sake of the trap’s effectiveness, some hunters put pieces of animal meat in it. Its smell will lure faster and the animal and exactly direct him into the trap.

The hunting community has created several types of popular and permitted traps which are worth mentioning in more detail:

  • The passing type – trap is developed by humanists of the wildlife animal world, who want to get the thrill of catching animals in it, but trying not to cause the flora and fauna unnecessary harm. The basis of the structure is a pair of rigid, non-sharp frames, powerful springs, and a guard trap. The beast, passing through the watchtower-trap, gives a signal to the triggering of springs and lightning-fast snapping of the frame. The death of a badger is instantaneous and without torment.
  • “The Catcher on the Trail” is the second popular type of trap. On the other hand, humanity can correct a mistake relative to the first type of trap. It is also called “Catcher Plate.” The design of such a trap is made without sharp prongs and in two wide planes – sponges, plates. They allow you to grab the prey by the limb and tightly hold it without forming a fracture or fatal bruises. If the beast is caught in the wrong – there is an opportunity to give him freedom and put the trap again on the required prey. Due to the non-lethal effect of the trap mechanism, it adjusts the force of the trigger. The mechanism is more complex but more productive.

It is important to choose the traps according to their types based on the characteristics of the badger’s physiology, and you need to learn how to mask them and fasten them skillfully. Beginnerfishermenn should go with experienced hunters to hike the badger as an observer of their clear action and make independent steps.

But catching a truly poached vile way – installing a loop 0 animal is strictly prohibited by the law of our country throughout the Russian Federation. The article “Rules of Hunting” for No.52 Part 9 approves this indirect text. Even the two exceptions to the badger rules do not work and are categorically not applicable by law.

According to the Russian CoAP, the administrative liability of 600 to 5000 rubles for such violations is provided for such violations when the first such case is detected. If the violation is repeated, the fine falls several times, the ban on hunting for three years is imposed. In addition, hard-core violators of hunting legislation may face criminal liability. It is important to comply with all regulations and legal provisions of the legislation governing hunting any wildlife animals and regulating the reproduction of species in the environment for two reasons: financial and moral. Such compliance will eliminate penalties from the hunter, and therefore will keep the volume of his wallet. And for Mother Nature, all flora and fauna, the correct actions of miners will have a beneficial effect and benefit.

Hunting with burrow dogs

In autumn, for hunting badger burrow dogs, the most popular breeds: dachshunds, and terriers, fox terriers, even huskies, so this hunting breed is universal, effective, but also complex. It is necessary to carefully approach to work with a hunting companion in the burrowing hunt for a badger, even if it is a diva or husky. From birth in the genes contains the skills of a burrowing prey of animals.

Until the fisherman does not pass additional training with his four-legged companion, until they are wordless to understand each other – the badger is better not to go. Such hunting due to the structure of underground galleries of badgers is very dangerous. Fury, the strength of the badger, can also be in a dark, confined, unknown space for the dog give a multiple heads start to the badger in the fight with the burrow dog, and the wild animal will wie dog can get serious or fatal injuries.

Tactical actions in the hunt for badger with burrow dogs are as follows: it is necessary to know in detail the area where the hunting of a badger with a dog is supposed, to navigate the species of its burrows, to have special devices and tools to save the dog in case something goes wrong, as well as a shovel and a gun necessarily. Hunting with a dog on the animal is carried out in the autumn month of the day. Several characteristics define the “live” badger burrows, and their appearance is determined:

  • If the burrow is brooding – apply safety measures to the dog, and the readiness to dig the burrows is a priority. The dog’s safety can be provided by a modern gadget mounted in a collar, which on a smartphone can track the movement of a four-legged hunter in a hole in length and recess – because the permanent residence of the badger is very branchy and deep. The fury of the animal does not work for the hunter inside. Adaptations on easier to rescue the dog or help her pull the prey from the hole – a special harness on the chest with a rope, the end of which holds the owner. For him, he can pull the dog out of the hole anyway;
  • If the hole is temporary – and the smaller amount of land defines it at the entrance, the likely absence of toilet pits next to it and the trail itself, the dog can be put in a hole bolder if it smells of prey there. These burrows are smaller and straighter. Winning it dog several times easier.

The day-to-day course of hunting can develop in completely different ways. Badger can fight back very fiercely, so much so that the death of a burrowing dog is not ruled out. Therefore, security measures in this fight are of high priority. The animal does not like to get out of the hole, can clog into the corners of their casemates underground, and keep the defense for as long as you want. Then a man enters the fray – destroy a part of the norm, pulling out a dog and extracting a defending badger. Sometimes it doesn’t work. If the dog was rescued and extracted from the excavated badger burrow – hunting excavations of the house should fall asleep to not cause giant harm to the entire badger family and not to show the barbaric attitude to nature at the time of hunting the beast. Hence the need for a shovel in stock the mandatory.

You can hunt a badger in the evening. It is worth waiting until the darkness comes down, having previously found a “live” hole. In the dark to let the dog on the trail of the badger, the entrance to the hole to close. As soon as the hunting dog finds a badger, it will signal the ringing barking. Intimidating the beast, the dog will drive him directly into the hole. The hunter should move a few meters from the hole entrance, hide and prepare for the appearance of badger prey – the exact shot of which at the race dog will bring a trophy copy to the prey.

This species is for more experienced hunters. It is not recommended to test it on beginners.


A collective way of extracting the animal in the October weather. At least there should be two hunters in the fishing group.

Tactical plan when hunting badgers with a surge is not new: an exploration of the general hunting area, analysis of its pros and cons, is the active burrow of the badger, immediately closes its entrance by coniferous branches or any other natural material that does not cause a sharp suspicion. The first shooter remains at the entrance, a little further away, preparing to strike accurately. Shooter number two begins to move around the area, and the area is reserved for autumn hunting. Maybe, as himself, and let down the dog, which increases the speed of detection of the animal. Upon discovering the target, the dog chases the beast in the direction of its underground shelter barking bell.

The first number includes readiness number one and should be ready for an accurate shot at any time. If barking is constantly heard from the badger’s rut, the tactics change somewhat. The constant barking of the companion gives the hunters an understanding that the dog keeps the prey with its grip and does not allow it to move. The second shooter is quickly directed to the dog, going to the barking to support and obtain prey. Approaching, he skillfully kills the badger.

If the dog has not managed to drive its strength badger and continues to direct his movement to the burrow, the first hunter aims and kills the animal when approaching the burrow – as well as ending the fight in favor of the fisherman.

How to save badger meat?

Badger thought clean animal, but in the summer with weight gain and subcutaneous fat includes a lot of plant food and what is bad for a person fell – due to which he inside formed many parasites. In autumn, the badger eats medicinal herbs and corrodes all such evil. However, the hunter should consider this factor after the extraction of the badger carcass and its cutting and distribution of animal parts to preserve the properties and meat and fat of the animal.

The process of cutting the extracted badger to obtain and preserve its two precious elements – meat filled with a lot of vitamins and fat, having medicinal properties, is trusted only by the most experienced commercial hunters. Beginners to such processes at the beginning of the hunting path, it is better not to put a hand. Because even seasoned miners are arguing, and there are many misconceptions about how to thaw badger fat and preserve its medicinal properties properly.

The cutting of the badger carcass should occur on the spot with the obligatory separation from the main mass of internal organs of defecation, sweat glands, and places of injury, as cadaverous poison can harm the beneficial components of mascara, urine, and sweat spoil them. After that, you need to separate the meat from the skin and pack everything in cellophane bags. Subcutaneous fat is left on the carcass. The inner is thoroughly washed in cold water and transported.

Fat heating is already produced at home if there is no desire to lose a powerful heating element. At home, the hunter of subcutaneous fat carefully cuts with a sharp knife. If there are small veins of pure meat on it – there is nothing terrible. Cut subcutaneous fat is put in a dense container and stored in the refrigerator. Heating can be done after two-three months from the date of the badger catch.

Before the start of heating again, a thorough rinse of internal and subcutaneous fat in cold water. After that, both masses must be thoroughly crushed and prepared a water bath in an especially acceptable for the healing process of the utensil. Boiling both masses, each consistently with the help of gauze, is well squeezed into a container, reserved for storage of melted fat, for example, a glass jar with a dense lid. Having finished the heating and pressing process, the jar is covered with a lid and left stored for a long time, and the use of such a remedy to treat many diseases.

Summing up the review of badger hunting, it is necessary to draw a bold conclusion – it is a fascinating, energetic, and emotional process of animal extraction in the vastness of wildlife. As a result, with success, you can bring valuable trophies and show the degree of readiness of the hunter and get useful and curative substances from many colds and serious diseases of adult children.

However, hunting a badger requires the hunter to give the full return and the maximum baggage of knowledge of its conduct, the lack of frivolous attitude, and laziness. Only in this way is it possible to get a worthy reward in a campaign on a mink beast.