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My name is Daniel Carter and I am a professional hunter. I have hunted in many different countries and continents such as Africa, Australia, Europe and North America. I hunt for sport and trophy animals that are considered to be pests by the public. My favorite type of hunting is stalking because it takes patience and discipline to get close enough to the animal without scaring it away.

I have hunted all over the world and know how to handle any situation. You will always be safe in my hands, no matter what you need.

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10 Best Fishing Rods 2021

Fishing is a ritual: sacred action, a hobby of the whole life of many people. Here we frankly communicate with friends about everything or run …

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Proper Clothing for Hunting

Proper Clothing for Hunting | important element of equipment

Clothing for hunting is an important element of the equipment of a serious hunter. Modern clothing for hunting should provide the hunter comfort, well keep …

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How To Hunt Wolves

How To Hunt Wolves | Terms, Rules and Ways of Hunting

In prehistoric times, man and wolf cooperated rather than competed. Reverence for the wolf and belief in kinship with him are reflected in totemism- the …

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Best Recurve Bows

10 Best Recurve Bows 2021

Welcome to our great recurve arch test 2021. Here we present you all of our recurve bows tested in more detail. In addition, we have …

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Dominant Eye For Archery

What Is Dominant Eye For Archery

Most people have the visual advantage of one eye over another, many do not even realize it. This phenomenon is known as the dominant eye, …

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Best Crossbow Reviews

10 Best Crossbow Reviews 2021

The crossbow is a completely silent and high-precision weapon for hunting and entertainment, created by man in ancient times. Since then, self-shooting has become much …

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Best Compound Bow

10 Best Compound Bow 2021

Welcome to crawlingmonkey! This time, we will review the best bows that we can find in the market. Bows are a weapon that consisted of …

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Best Youth Compound Bow

Best Youth Compound Bow

The arc is one of the few technologies that will probably never die out. Although more powerful weapons have long since surpassed the principle of …

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How to Choose Spinning For Perch?

How to Choose Spinning For Perch?

Tips A spinning rod for perch should have a certain test, class, structure, and length. We tell you about what parameters should be considered and …

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