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best single pin bow sight 2018 Reviewed

Hunting is a fun activity especially if you live in a place near the bush and we can not forget how sweet the bushmeat is. Well to be able to get the best and accurate shot, you will require using the best bow in 2018. Bows vary depending on the features and other components attached to it. Well, one of my favorite elements is the bow sight. it is really important to choose fixed best single pin bow sight or multiple pins or movable sights pins, the bow sight acts like the shotguns whereby the hunter can get more control and better aim on the prey. The professional hunters widely use bow sights, but even beginners can use it to practice about aiming and shooting. There are a variety of bow sights for hunters to select from depending on preferences. They include;


Fixed sight pins.

These are the types of pins that allows the user to have multiple adjustments at once before shooting. Therefore you don’t have to adjust the view every time you are shooting.

Movable sight pins.

These are the kind of pins whereby the hunter is expected to adjust the view before any shooting. So it provides a single shot, unlike the fixed pins which can be set to give multiple shots.


Choosing the Best Single Pin Bow Sight 2018

  • The features of bow sight.

Each bow sight pin has unique features depending on the user’s preferences. Some of these features include the yardage, fiber optic, and also adjustability. Therefore keep in mind the kind of features or the activities you wish to carry out with the device before you buy it so you can be able to determine the characteristics to look for when purchasing the pin.

  • The material used in bow sight.

This is another thing to consider before you buy the pin sight. The area that you usually hunt at determines the kind of the pin to buy. Some pins are made of stainless steel and aluminum material such that one can use it in different weather conditions without worrying that the device will rust.

  • The light.

The light present at the bow pin sight determines the accuracy and view that you will get. Most pin sights are designed with light adjustment features like the optical fibers that enable one to adjust the sight depending on the area you are aiming at. So if you are used to hunting in dark areas, focus on the level of light that the device can provide.

  • Easy to use.

You don’t necessarily want to keep on referring to the user manual to learn how to mount or use the pin. To avoid this buy a gadget that is easy to use and work with.



Below are the reviews of top 5 single pin bow sight in 2018 on market.

  1. 1004154 TruGlo Archers Choice Range Rover Pro Green Dot Black.

TruGlo manufactures this is best bow sight for deer hunting and as we all know it is one of the leading companies that make hunting equipment. Apart from the high quality of this excellent hunting device, it is built with durable materials that guarantee durability and fast shoot as well. Its adjustability features have enabled the hunters to have a clear view even of the animals that are at a distance. Hence if you are looking for a pin bow sight to use TruGlo is the right choice for you.


Single pin adjustable bow sight.

You can quickly adjust the bow pin sight according to the distance you wish to shoot for a clear and accurate view.

Illuminated LED sight.

This is a great feature that provides an accurate aiming point of the arrow before shooting.

11 brightness settings.

You can use the bow pin at any place during any weather condition since it allows the user to adjust the light depending on the weather and visibility.

Yardage tapes.

Adjust the sight according to the yards with the use of the yardage tapes.

Easy to use and light in weight.

The pin sight weighs about 1.4 kg which is quite a convenience since it does not alter the weight of your bow. It is easy to mount and remove to attain a suitable and appropriate adjustment.


  • It is easy to use.
  • You can adjust the pin according to the yard distance for an accurate shot.
  • It has multiple light settings for clear viewing.
  • It is ideal for use in all climatic conditions.


  • It is designed for right-handed people.




  1. HHA Optimizer Lite 5519 Pin Bow Sight.

HHA single pin sight was voted as the best bow hunting sight of all times. This is because it is designed with convenient and great features that make your hunting to be fun and fabulous. Also, we cannot forget the fact that this device is manufactured by one of the best bow manufacturers worldwide. Therefore quality and durability are guaranteed. It is quite easy to use, and for the beginners, you can quickly and efficiently learn how to view and have an actual shoot with this device. When it comes to buying a sight pin, you need a pin that will be adjustable to meet your needs and HHA gives just that. The set is adjustable from 20 to 80 according to your shooting distance and visibility.



The bow pin sight is designed with an adjustable feature which ranges from 20 to 80 yards depending on the users shooting distance.Therefore this helps you eliminate other unwanted sights and views hence focusing on the actual target which helps you to have an accurate shot.

Mathew harmonic damper.

This is another excellent feature that is found in this device. You don’t have to worry about the animal getting alerted while shooting because the Mathew harmonic damper enables you to reduce the noise depending on the distance.

Aluminum construction.

The pin sight is constructed of aluminum material that makes it ideal for use even during the rainy seasons as it does not rust or get spoilt.


  • It is a convenience since you can adjust the yards for clear sight.
  • Equipped with sound reduction device.
  • Using as well is easy.


  • The device ideal for right-handed people.



  1. Trophy Ridge React-One Pro 1 Pin.

If you are a professional hunter, this pin bow sight would be perfect for you. It is one of the fastest and most precise bow pins that is crafted with high-quality materials and reliable features to make your hunting to be comfortable and fun. The device can easily be mounted on the bow, and if you want to remove it for adjustment, you can also do so.


The fiber optic yardage.

The bow pin is equipped with a 0.19 degrees yardage fiber optic that enables the user to have a clear and accurate view in any weather condition.So you can still go hunting when there is fog or rains.


Another great feature that makes your hunting to be accessible is the ability to adjust the bow pin which enables the user to either increase or decrease the light for clear vision. You can also position the pin at a distance on the bow to get an accurate shot.

Third axis.

The third axis is crafted to enable the user to have a high-quality accuracy in the case where you are shooting at long distances or in awkward angles.

Stainless steel material.

Go hunting in any weather condition as the device is safe considering it is made of stainless steel for durability and to prevent it from rusting when it comes to contact with wetness.


  • It is durability since it is crafted with stainless steel.
  • It is adjustable to give a clear and accurate view.
  • It is quite easy to use and gives a fast sight.


  • It is designed for left-handed people only.



4.HHA Sports Optimizer Lite King Pin.

A lot of hunters look at the best bow pin sight that provides the best, and most accurate shot and I assure you HHA optimizer will give you the best and most precise view. It is loaded with other user-friendly features that are also essential for a beginner.They include;


Wheel forward design.

The wheel forward design is equipped with the pin to provide a space for the hunter to mount a quiver. Note that the quiver should be one piece.

Sight tape magnifier.

This is used to adjust and have a clear view of the yard.

Interchangeable wheel.

The interchangeable wheels allow one to have multiple shots at once primarily when you are targeting numerous animals. So if you are used to hunting in an area that has multiple targets, this is the right bow pin to use.


Get a clear and accurate shoot according to the distance the animal is at since the device is adjustable to a range of up to 80 yards.


  • It is adjustable to provide a clear sight and view of long distance
  • It is easy to use.
  • The bow sight is versatile since it is equipped with integrable wheels to provide multiple shots at once.


  • The bow pin is not ideal for left-handed people since it is designed for the right hand.



  1. Trophy Ridge React-One 1 Pin Bow Sight.

Make your hunting experience one to remember with this aluminum made bow pin sight. It has different features that enables the hunter to have a clear vision while shooting the arrows. You can also adjust the viewing point depending on the distance that you are aiming at with the aid of the fiber optic. Also, we cannot forget about the modern technology used in making this bow pin sight hence making it among the top five best bow pin sight.


Fiber optic.

This is one of the features that enables the hunter to have a clear aim and shoot at the animals since it provides enough illumination in different weather conditions.

Multiple loading spaces.

For professional hunters who are looking for a bow pin sight that they can use for multiple shooting of the prey.


The pin is designed with the smart pin technology and a sight level that provides a second and a third adjustment to give an extreme one pin accuracy. The pin also enables one to automatically set the yard indicator according to the user’s preferences.



  • It is easy to use.
  • It is adjustable to provide a clear viewing when shooting.
  • It is versatile since it allows one to have a multiple shooting.


  • It is designed for right-handed people.




Hunting is a fun activity especially if you are using the correct bow and arrows. Well for accuracy and a considerable distance aiming you will require a bow pin sight to help you in attaining a clear vision. The above five discussed bow pins are the best and the most convenient in the market today. Also, note that each bow pin has its unique features that set is apart from the rest. So follow the above buying guide to help you choose a right bow pin that will work with your bow and enable you to have excellent hunting moments in 2018.